Friday, 16 December 2011

Dressing the tree

Why is it cats always have to "help"? I think little Ban will get a shock if I hung her in the tree!


  1. Its what they do best in life. They think that they are helping you.
    They are darling though, don't you think.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend

  2. If there's a cardboard box around a cat will find it and take up residence:)

  3. So pleased you have another cat to help ease the pain.

  4. What a funny contortion, but I'm sure she's comfy!

  5. Kath - the moment she heard my camera switched on, she began washing! She'd been asleep before that.

    WG -More than one cat - slightly more than one - 9 others in fact, as yet another has found its way to us this past week. All the others are former strays (or children of) - we seem to be Cat Central here.

    Rowan - you're right there. Every time we bring the shopping home, there's a cat in the box once it's emptied!

    Denim - they bring such pleasure and happiness and have helped ease the pain of the past few days.