Monday, 5 December 2011

Tippy . . .

He's back at the vet's again today. In a very bad way this morning straining to go, and crying in pain, then being sick again. Another drip, another enema - which has produced large sharp bones - where were they hiding when they took the X-ray last week then? Lord knows what he ate - pheasant perchance? He is on steroids now, to try and calm his inflamed bowels, and spending the night at the vet's home, under the radiator in her bathroom (bless her), as she said how much they hated being left in a cage overnight at the vet's. He has had his bowel greased a good way up too, to help him pass anything still lurking inside. I am exhausted with worry and the awfulness of watching him starve to death in front of my eyes.

Say a little prayer for the wee man, please.


  1. Not that it's much help now, but cooked poultry bones are dangerous as they break into sharp slivers. Hope that the vet has found all of what has caused these problems, and your boy is home safely soon.

  2. That's just so awful. I've got everything crossed that he'll be OK soon.

  3. I really hope Tippy will be ok Jennie,sending all my healing thoughts. So worrying for you! x

  4. I have been praying, sending healing, calming thoughts to Tippy and you.
    I have been so very worried.

  5. Oh Jennie good wishes and prayers and healing rituals for Tippy coming yur way :-(

    It is so horrible when they are ill :-(

    And healing and good wishes for you and your family as well as it is horrible for you all as well

    If it helps at all, Tabitha Twitchet was very ill a couple of months back, we nearly (oh so nearly) lost her a number of times - she was ill with us for a week and then at the vet's hospital for 10 daysin the ICU and then another two weeks inside with us /back at the vet's was horrible ...but...after another six weeks of recovery here, with lots of tlc and good food and healing time she is back to her usual self...and she was really at death's door a number of times with an unknown and serious number of major problems

    SO if SHE can recover from all this I hope and pray and believe that Tippy cat can as well.

    Fingers crossed xxx Sarah xxx

  6. Your vet sounds one of the best BB, to take Tippy home with her for a night in the warm.

    Thinking of you and hoping so much that Tippy makes a full recovery, and soon! xx

  7. [hugs] Jennie

    Here's hoping the little man is soon restored to good health and home with you where he should be. Its dreadfully worrying when they are so unwell. Take care he is in my prayers



  8. Blue Shed - if it was cooked bones, then he stole them out of someone's bin bag as we don't ever give them (they get the skin and the leftover bits but no bones here.)

    Everyone - thanks for your kind thoughts. We are hoping and praying this is the last of the bones coming out now - it must have been one heck of a log pile as this is his 3rd enema now and they thought they had it all out last time (X-rayed him and all and just said there was a tiny bit left beyond the enema's reach).

    I am up early as I couldn't sleep beyond 3.45 a.m. . . I think I owe the vets a big chocolate cake for their combined efforts.

  9. Poor little boy, he must feel so ill - I shall send healing energies for him and hopefully he will soon be much better. Poor you as well, you really didn't need this on top of everything else.

  10. Saying a prayer for Tippy right now as have only just caught up with your posts. I know you must be so exhausted with worry, so just hang on tight and hope he starts to recover very, very soon.

    Much love, Willow xxxxxx