Sunday, 4 August 2013

A walk around Hay-on-Wye

Throughout the posts, you will notice some beautiful hanging baskets (they make mine look bald and pathetic!).  I love the old-fashioned shops here.

A lovely through-view and pretty hanging basket of Fuchsias.

A close-up of one of the Greengrocer's baskets.

This is all in the same little area.  Next to the house in the 2nd picture, and can be seen from the Greengrocer's, as I think I was standing in front of the shop to take it.

An interesting shop close to the Greengrocer's although it was oppressively-hot and stuffy downstairs, as it had lots of big windows. Upstairs was slightly cooler.

Upstairs had some interesting furnishings.

Across the rooftops - the view from upstairs in the same shop, looking towards Clyro.

We always look in the shop window here, as the proprietor always chooses unusual items to dress her window.  This metal and mirror cupboard would NOT be the sort of thing which sold in our parts . . .

This is one of the internal window displays.

Some lovely garden plants for sale on one of the market stalls in the town (Thursday is market day).

This gorgeous clematis (Jackmannii?) was growing in the garden behind one of the shops, and you could walk through the shop and visit the tiny garden, which had some of the outside stock for sale, and - as mentioned last time - the sound of running water from a little fountain.  So peaceful.

Looking across the road at Addyman's from Murder and Mayhem.

And from Addyman's, a view of Murder and Mayhem!

This made me smile, in the window of a nearby gallery.

I shall aspire to hanging baskets like these next year.  LOTS of them! I hope you enjoyed sharing our walk around Hay.


  1. Some great photos of a lovely town! Hay on Wye is one of my favourite days out. Jx

  2. Lovely photos of a beautiful town :) The hanging baskets are superb. We used to be disappointed with ours but this year husband bought some new,bigger baskets and for the first time ever we have a good display :) I'll find out where he bought them from and let you know - it was a website.

  3. That town sounds like a great place to walk around and to shop in. I like the old stone buildings and walls and the hanging baskets of flowers and that red metal fox.

  4. very enjoyable, I particularly liked seeing into the shops. I loved Hay, I must go there again soon.

  5. What a rare treat to be able to see such loveliness from such a sweet place. Isn't the Interwebs just the ticket to travelling from your chair !~! Thanks so much for the baskets, I have been unable to make a basket show prettily around here; not sure why-have to think on that for a bit. Hay looks like a fine place to live or work too. Quiet, gentle-like living it appears from where I sit in the urban sprawl of San Francisco's burbs. We get helicopters overhead most weekend nights for the news film. No likey that part of living here....

  6. Aye, I did. Thanks BB. Makes my garden look shameful.. lol.