Thursday 8 August 2013

Some more views - Derbyshire this time

A view across the Derbyshire Peak District as we were driving back to Sheffield.

It had poured with rain the entire journey and stopped just long enough for me to leap out of the car, camera in hand.

You can just see Stanage Edges (middle right) where my daughter and her housemate did a walk recently, ending up at Hathersage.  She was telling me that they came across a pile of Millstone Grit grindstones, just abandoned because something more efficient/innovative had been found.  HERE is a link to a great website which will give you lots more views, including a pic off the millstones.  There is a seperate gallery of wonderful photos too.

I just wish I could have taken photos of some of the views on my return journey yesterday.  Sadly, there are few places to park up and get the camera out, especially on the steep and winding cross country roads.

Here is a taster of the next lot of photos though . . .

I'll give you a clue - Gothic Revival Church . . . and a bigger clue, Augustus Pugin.


  1. Great photos of some lovely views in this and the last post :) Looking forward to your post in connection with Gothic Revival Church :)

  2. That last photograph has left me champing at the bit BB - what exquisite colours and patterns.

    I used to spend a lot of time up in Derbyshire when we lived in Lichfield - it is wonderful walking country. Pity it wasn't a sunny day when you drove through.

  3. I do love Derbyshire...........but not as much as here! Champing at the bit too for Pugin.

  4. First thought was that castle you glimpse on the way down to Pembs, from England, somewhere round Cardiff, you have been there before..
    but then it is a church, mmmm.

  5. thelma - that's Castell Coch, designed/interiors by William Burges.

    Em - glad you like him too.

    Weaver - you will kick yourself when you find out, as I am sure you MUST know it!

    RR - I have been thinking of you this week, with moth sightings and yesterday, probably a Dark Green Fritillary here (damnty thing wouldn't close its wings for a positive ID).

  6. As much as I love Yorkshire (east), Derbyshire comes in a close second. Did quite a bit of hiking round there when I was younger and one day we did end up at Hathersage -a great youth hostel back then.