Tuesday, 13 August 2013


For some (dare I say sad?) people, happiness is going out spending money on lots of new clothes or new shoes they don't need, handbags to add to the pile in the wardrobe or chosing a new car or an up-market holiday.  I guess they wouldn't be hugging themselves if they just found an old book they had been looking for for years or delighting in the freshness of just-picked home-grown fruit or vegetables.

I am a simpler soul, and quite satisfied by a walk along our lanes (doesn't our river look beautiful at the moment?) . . .

Or remembering the perfume and sight of masses of Bluebells back in the spring.

Or making a (half!) bottle of Elderberry Syrup for coughs and colds . . .

Or buying some craft things and two cheap books . . .

Or enjoying the old fashioned roses in bloom in the garden . . .

Or making Chutney . . .

Or just watching cats . . .

Or baking . . .

Or loving family moments  . . . (well, two members short in this photo taken recently at Carreg Cennen Castle!)

Today I have baked a big Chocolate Courgette Cake for the neighbours who helped get me out of the ditch the other day (blardy holidaymakers!), made a big pan of low-calory soup - Spiced Lentil and Tomato, had a brisk 2 mile walk and spent the day catching up with jobs that needed doing - polishing copper and brass, and cleaning some tack, and tidying up some magazines and books.  Oh, and I also helped my husband persuade a length of reluctant water piping around the back of the bath and thence onwards to the attic.  We are having to replace the length put in recently by a plumber who performed like a racehorse on Speed, and which has now sprung a fresh leak.  I will not add washing half the entire - large -  collection of bed linen to my list of things which make me happy! I even found time to sit on the patio in the lounger, reading one of the books we got from the car boot sale on Saturday.  That WAS bliss!

What makes you happy?


  1. You likely have a good idea of some of the things which make me happy, but for the sake of the blog, here's a list: living in the country; growing things; wildflowers and cultivated ones also. Music, reading, piecing quilts; baking, family history, rocking chairs, cats; seasons; tea; sharing with family and friends who enjoy some of the same.

  2. Quite a lot of the things you have listed, bread is rising downstairs, it is a beautiful morning just watched the birds come down for the bread, the blackbird leaping up in fury at the starlings eating which always make me laugh. We walked by our more sluggish river yesterday, deep dark and mysterious..... Bumblebees of course when I drink my coffee in the morning in the garden as they feed on the lavender and then there is the collared doves, wings outstretched in the sun, one preening the other, they trust us and I have even taught my visiting Skinny cat; cats that do not chase birds get food!

  3. All the things you have mentioned are what make me happy. Living in the desert I am very envious of your beautiful river.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Walking alone on the moor (with the dogs), Riding alone on the moor (can't do that any more!), sitting alone with my thoughts on a rock in the middle of the river, listening to birdsong, reading a fantastic book and, though it might not be the done thing to say, I LOVE watching telly, preferably with a nice mug of Lapsang Souchong (with a touch of milk) and a slice of walnut cake.

  5. Would agree with your ideas so much - lovely post by the way :) Watching butterflies on the buddleia, birds on the feeders, the first snowdrop, walking along a country lane, baking, reading a good book, picking sweet peas, daisies growing on the lawn - so many simple things to give pleasure and bring happiness :)

  6. Rocking the baby to sleep on my shoulder and then not laying him but just holding him and patting his back for over an hour. Felt so good to just sit quietly after a day filled with him and a very feisty two-year old poppette.

    Rushing water soothes me even if it is just in pictures like the one you shared with us. Perfect place to meditate. I have had two pieces of Merced River driftwood for years that I finally used in my wall hanging weaving project. The wood is so soft and smooth and soothing to the fingertips. Yes, indeed, I love river water running and am glad one is near to you.

  7. This all sounds very familiar. Most of the things I enjoy the most and make my soul sing are free. I suppose I'm just a simple pimple at heart and easily pleased!