Wednesday 7 August 2013

Back from the North . . .

I have been MIA for a couple of days, as I had to take our eldest daughter back home after she was unwell here on Sunday, and unable to travel. Which is why yesterday evening, we were looking across the tameness of city streets to the wilds of West Yorkshire as the sun was sinking behind the horizon . . .

Rosebay Willowherb in the evening light.  "Fireweed" as it is known across the Pond . . .

An abandoned field, now happy to be a wild flower meadow of the Umbelliferous sort!

Allotments and more masses of Buddleia and wild flowers.  I loved the little brick and glass shed: turning nothing into something, with a dormer window no less!

Rocky outcrops up on the moorland.

Anyway, I am back home now, and have some writing-up to do, so watch this space.


  1. I love that shed too! Looking forward to your email re: moorland hope we'll be able to meet up somehow.

  2. My concept of Yorkshire is much influenced by the James Herriot books, which I read long before the delightful TV series. A half hour reading wikipedia about Yorkshire and its 'ridings' hasn't left me much better informed, but I'm liking your photos.
    I've some northern England influence in my background [Norfolk and Lincolnshire] but that's probably another distinctive territory.

  3. MM - hmmm, yes, more top of East Anglia! This is West Yorkshire so not quite as wild and woolly as North Yorkshire, which was Herriott Country. T says she loves the countryside near where she lives and will miss it when she finally goes (especially Derbyshire, which is beautiful), but there are other lovely areas of countryside . . .

    Em - we have to work around when D can book time off as he is covering an extra (Thursday) delivery for a work colleague with a broken wrist right now. We had hoped next Weds/Thurs/Fri but he's not sure if he can book it that soon, so probably the following week. E-mail will be penned shortly. We want to come and view VERY close to you anyway!

  4. We live deep in Herriiott Country BB - it would have been lovely if you could have called - but that would have meant coming further North than you already were.

  5. Lovely photos, I look forward to more. I am a closet shed lover! We are enjoying choosing a paint for ours, but DH draws the line at curtains.
    Seeing the little "shed village" made me think of
    that the amazing hand built eco-home in Pembrokeshire. I was sad to see the planners have ruled it is to be demolished, I expect you have read about it.

  6. Weaver - it would be lovely to meet up. I will let you know directly if we are to be nearby!

    Kath - I have a secret longing for a garden summer room type shed, so I can sew out there, read or whatever. Perhaps with the next house . . . Was it the Brithdir Mawr earth-house which had to be demolished? Although I did read of a couple who built a similar one on the farm of the parents of one of them. There was a piece in the paper recently. Yet no-one is doing anything about the cabins being built locally without pp. I managed to get a winter photo of the one tucked into woodland from across the valley. The immediate neighbours are not happy and we do not want another Teepee VValley in our lovely valley thanks . . .

    1. Hi Jenni, this is the house at Glandwr, North Pembrokeshire

  7. The wildflower meadow looks like a painting, gorgeous. The first pic I like a lot as well.