Friday, 16 August 2013

Castles, friends and chutney

If you look closely at the horizon (left), you will just see two humps which are Bronze Age cairns.

I have been busy this week.  I seem to have amassed a huge pile of refurbishment (mainly textiles, but some tack too), and I made a rod for my own back by buying 8lbs each of Tomatoes and Red Peppers (£1 per tray) to make chutney with.  Then I forgot to get vinegar, so that limited the chutney recipe to those using cider or white wine vinegar!  I made a batch of Taste of Summer chutney yesterday (red tomatoes, courgettes - glut from garden - etc) and will get vinegar when we go out later.

Yesterday I had a phone call from a year friend, who said she might be down our way because her son and his friends (walking and camping wild in the Brecon Beacons) may need rescuing due to Trench Foot!!!  The beauty of the Welsh weather . . .  Then she said it looked as if they would carry on.  Then in the evening, she had come down to rescue them and they would be coming after all.  They got totally lost, about three times, but finally arrived and 3 tired young men collapsed thankfully into dry beds and slept like they had been anaesthetized!  It was lovely to see Kim and her daughter, and meet Manchee their Bedlington/Whippet cross, and we had a lovely long chat this morning.  They are on their way homewards now and I managed to ply Kim with tomatoes, red peppers and a jar of chutney : )  I hope Kim and family will visit again soon.

The header (which I have left big as it worked this time), and the top photo were taken on a recent visit to Carreg Cennen Castle, as our daughter wanted to go there again - "It might be the last time, if you suddenly get a buyer" . . .  (I wish!!!)

Anyway, sunshine beckons and I fancy a walk in the Deer Park at Dinefwr Castle, so I will try and talk my husband into it.


  1. OOh I want to see Manchee, she is the same breed as my lurchers!
    I love the new header photo.

  2. Love the header too and it is ABSOLUTELY HUGE! You know my fingers are crossed too.

  3. I love your header too.

    I love Bedlington/Lurcher cross dogs - there are a few round here and it seems a very popular breed.

    Hope you soon find a buyer for your lovely house in such a beautiful area.

  4. WOW, do I ever LOVE the header. Just stunning!
    I am now just starting to get some tomatoes turning red. Waited long enough. I am hoping for some relish, hot salsa, and maybe try some chutney.
    Glad you could have some quiet time with friends, it so helps with the mood.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  5. Your header photos are always wonderful ! but this one is fabulous !
    You live in a most beautiful place.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Your header, so green, so British, (well Welsh). I sometimes forget how green everything is over there. If I could choose, I would have one day of rain a month -- a warm rain with no wind. We haven't seen rain for several months now. But I'm not complaining, it hasn't been too hot either -- just right in fact.

  7. Thanks parsnip - much as I want to move back to England, I have to say we do live in a truly beautiful area.

    Denim - it looked so good blown up enormous, I thought I would leave it that way, so you could all walk into the scenery! My toms are still very green, but they will ripen in time. Just picked the first Ridge Cucumber and an inundated with Courgettes!

    Weaver - we had a neighbour up yesterday who used to work for an estate agents and suggested this house is far too good to try to sell through a parochial market (what I've always said), but my OH wouldn't believe me until someone else said it. A phone call will be made next week . . .

    Em - stunning view isn't' it?

    Kath - Manchee's a boy, but an absolute sweetheart. If you go to the next Wytches Market, his owner will probably have a stall there. Mind you, Manchee will probably have had to stay at home!

  8. Really love your new Header photo - just stunning. You do live in a beautiful area but I do hope you find some buyers soon.

    My tomatoes are just starting to ripen but I am hoping to have lots of green ones left as Green Tomato Chutney is my favourite :)

  9. I'm interested in your reference to vinegars: cider vinegar has always been our choice both for preserving and table use, though I'm apt to buy red wine vinegar or balsamic for salads. The white distilled vinegar is available but I've only used it for making herbal vinegars [because of its clear color] or for cleaning purposes.