Monday, 19 August 2013

Chutney Making

I have been busy in the kitchen today, and finally took myself by the scruff and got my tomatoes and red peppers used up.  I made a batch of Spiced Tomato and Red Pepper Chutney.  Recipe here:

As you can see, the colour is wonderful - it uses Cider Vinegar and I used white granulated sugar (as I had bought a huge bag last week).  It used up the last of my fresh ginger root too, so that's not malingering in the bottom of the veg rack any longer.

I also made a big vat of Ratatouille (minus Aubergine, which I'm not mad on) and a Spelt Loaf . . .

When we were on our way back from Brecon yesterday, I finally got the opportunity to take a photo of a wee cottage I have a soft spot for.  It's just outside of Trecastle and as you can see, the lights were the right colour for once!

No room to swing a cat, and it's on the busy A40, but the view across to the Brecon Beacons is beautiful.


  1. I am going over to get that chutney recipe BB.

  2. That chutney looks delicious and I will be checking out the recipe too :) Thanks for the link :)

  3. It's one to keep till Christmas at least before opening I'd say - it has LOTS of garlic in it, and I added some of the mandatory chilli flakes to give it some oomph. These will be gifts at Christmas time.

  4. Oh, the chutney looks delicious and I wish I had a slice of the wonderful loaf right now! I, too, had to "take myself by the scruff" and commence a clean-up project at one end of my living room where things had accumulated for want of the space to put them. I'm tired of looking at it now and will have to MAKE room for everything somewhere out of sight! Hope all is well...


  5. I love that cottage too! Great to see you today....I'm just catching up for a few minutes in a break from packing....

  6. It was lovely meeting you too Em! Safe journey - we had the journey from hell home - traffic stacked up from Taunton onwards and then in a deluge of biblical proportions, somewhere near Cardiff, the windscreen wipers went . . .

    Hi Dianne - will pop across to your blog in the morning. Just off to bed now as we are zzzzzzzzzzzing on our feet! Hope you can get yourself sorted - we came home to a tidy house as my son has had a few friends round for a BBQ in the garden!

  7. I leave aubergine out of my ratatouille too.
    Your chutney looks delicious, wil copy the recipe.
    The bread looks equally tempting.
    I am glad I called by....