Friday, 1 May 2015

More gardening . . . and a Heron in an apple tree.

When I looked out of the window one day this week, that is what I saw - a Heron perched, looking very ungainly, in our apple tree by the pond.  As I moved towards the window, he scarpered.  I have attempted to do a rough head count in the pond but the fish are very wary, so perhaps he has been fishing early in the morning.  I should have about 24 fish in there of varying sizes, including 7 or 8 black babies which haven't yet changed colour.  All the frog tadpoles have gone, so I am guessing that they had a virus or something.  However, a fresh lot of jet black tadpoles (Newt I am guessing) has hatched on the other side of the pond, so I am hoping they are immune to the virus.

Some plant bargains this week.  The Aubretias are just £1 per pot in Morrisons.  I bought three the other day and another 8 yesterday, and may get some more to totally revamp the top of the wall.  The zonal Pelargoniums are just 75p each in Lidl.  I can't even buy these so cheaply at a car boot sale.

3 lovely new planters from Charlies, reduced to £4.99 each.  I usually go for the deep blue ceramic planters (bigger ones) but this green appealed to me yesterday.

I bought them so I could blitz this area by the gate, which has gotten very overgrown and shabby and is difficult to weed, because I put stones around the tree-trunk planters.  So - it all has to GO.

There, a start has been made.  Considering this has membrane under all of it, to stop the weeds, it's amazing how little difference it has made!  I have just plonked the planters there for the moment.  Hopefully it will look a little different when finally finished.

Fresh compost in the wall-top, and Aubretias planted.  I am debating removing the small area of campanula and a.n.other plant whose name escapes me, which have grown in the wall ever since I first planted it.  Then I can have the entire wall looking uniform.  I feel like a murderer even contemplating it though I will try to save them with roots and replant elsewhere . . .

Another unusual and pretty tulip unfolding.

I have potted on my Lace-cap Viburnum, in a lovely planter I had with a Bee on it.  As my late friend Annie was a bee-keeper, this seems very appropriate.

Clematis scrambling through the trellis.  I think it's a Montana but not rubens.  My Cl. Mon. rubens is in the yard (photos later, as it's just unfolding its petals).  I used to have the most AMAZING rubens, which went the width of the garden and had a million flowers each spring. THEN Next Door's unpleasant (I am being polite here) son decided to take the trasher to it - 4 runs each way killed it stone dead.  I don't normally bear a grudge, but I have made an exception in his case.

I don't normally care for pink as a colour, but isn't this divine?  This is the Bramley tree.


  1. Several folk have posted photographs of Bramleys in blossom - I am struck by how dark the pink is in them all
    Your garden does not look an easy garden to tame, but you seem to be making a gigantic effort - lovely bits so far. I am a great fan of pelargoniums on pots, they flower all summer - but we can't put them out up here yet = frosts every night.

  2. Glorious garden, the apple blossom is very Barbara Cartland, Love the stone wall, I have some Aubretia grown from seed they make a lovely carpet of colour. Although I have found a good stand of wild garlic I have just ordered some on line, plenty so that I can share them with a friend, and a few Lily of the Valley and some single snowdrops, they will fill a suitably shady and damp patch at the edge of my yet to be perpetual spinach bed.

  3. Gardens looking lovely .. love the wall.


  4. That wall looks brilliant and so does the clematis.

  5. looking very pretty, hopefully my mums place will soon be brightening up

  6. The trouble is Pat, my garden can't forget it used to Be A Field! It wants to return to that state a.s.a.p.! I am certainly kept busy with it, which is a good thing. Most years I am out gardening 5 - 8 hours a day to keep on top of the weeds and get the veg. plot sorted and planted! They will be competing with the Lily of the Valley for spreading out.

    Thanks Vicky - it's slowly coming on. The cold snap is horrid, but at least it stops the early plants going over too quickly.

    Sue in Suffolk - thank you. I will have to work out which Clematis it is. I know one of them is really highly-scented and you can also float on the perfume. Not this one though - unless it needs the sunshine to bring out the scent.

    Thanks Simon. Spring will reach everywhere sooner or later, even if it means being a couple of weeks behind the rest.

    Pam - I didn't know you could buy Ramsons to plant up. I thought of you yesterday when I drove past a half mile stretch of them along a lane!! Handy to have them in the garden though.

  7. Great bargains on those plants and the aubretias look stunning in your wall.

  8. I love the plantings on the wall. Outstanding beautiful.
    Your garden is wonderful.
    Your pelargoniums look like geraniums to me ?
    How did next doors son get in your garden ? I would still hold a grudge too for something like that.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Suzie - I agree! Back for more Aubretias tomorrow I think . . .

    parsnip - he cut it from the other side, as this was the farmhouse to their farm (until they sold the house to us). The Clematis grew both sides of the trellis we put up and so he did what he wanted on HIS side. The Pelargoniums are Geraniums, it's just their "posh" name! I'm glad you think I have a lovely garden. I do too!

  10. I am envious of your rampant clematis! I see a rugosa near the wall, which is looking very stylish. Gardening here is at a very slow pace.

  11. Your garden is looking so pretty and so full of Spring colour. The aubretia is lovely - might just visit Morrisons next week although it never does very well in our garden. I'd have been hopping mad about next door's son too - still haven't forgiven our neighbours for chopping at our beech hedge with scissors!!!! and coming 12" over the boundary into our garden.

    My son has just been to a wedding in Wales - a place called fforest near Cardigan - a wedding among the trees which sounded lovely although I gather it was freezing cold!