Tuesday 26 May 2015

One of those post-Malvern days !

Yesterday was the Whitsun Bank Holiday.  It doesn't seem to get called that very often now, which is a shame.  Anyway, we were up at silly o'clock (3.30 a.m.) to set off at 4.15 a.m. for all points East, but focus was the HUGE Fleamarket at Malvern.  Fortunately the weather forecast was good and it stayed dry.  A few photos for you, starting with some Taxidermy (as always).  This time, GOOD taxidermy - we see so many examples of the boring and falling-apart stuff.

I think this chap must have spent a fortune at the auction on all these, because they are more unusual than the normal run of deer and small furry animals which turn up at Fleamarkets.

Scottish Wild Cat.

A rather bizarre set up of naughty collie puppies upsetting a table . . .

Equally bizarre, someone's favourite horse . . .

All sorts . . . he had a field day at the auction . . .

Back to normality and a little hexagon lap throw.

I was trying to get an idea of business but so many people there, buying and trading.  It took us over 6 hours to walk round.

A lovely hand-worked quilt from around 1900, and beyond my pocket!

On the same stall.  Isn't it lovely?

Some lovely child-sized seats - the darker one is a child's lambing chair, and the Windsor potty chair has a lovely hoop back.

An interesting stall.

However, in the sheds, stock is a bit more random!

Beautifully-knitted little dollys' clothes.

A vintage corner.

I would have loved to have bought this beautiful enameled picture, but at £440 it stayed there!  It looked better in real life - the photo doesn't do us justice . . .

We bought well, although as I looked at the length of these Lance poles, I had a sudden thought - would they FIT in the car?  Fortunately they did, but not without some jiggery-pokery as the back door had locked itself again after we had put a huge (and very heavy) wooden chest in it - we had to carry that 1/4 mile to the car!!!  So these lances had to be fed in through an open window . . .

One last bit of Taxidermy - possibly the oldest fox ever stuffed . . .

Enjoy your day.


  1. I recently gave a stuffed fox to the village pub, I think I would have spent a fortune there looks like some really interesting things :-)

  2. I priced some fleece washing baths (from Holland, zinc ones) and they were £15 each. Any good to you? We go again in 5 weeks' time.

  3. My Granny had a collection of small stuffed birds and animals under glass domes, they went to the Bygones museum many years ago. The photo's are great, I can not go to these as I want to buy everything.

  4. I do love the flea markets you go to - we don't seem to have them round here in Yorkshire (but then Yorkshire folk are not famed for parting with their money are they?)
    I have a colletion of stuffed birds but stopped adding to it years ago

  5. Who on earth would want a b. great bear standing around?
    I didn't like taxidermy before and after your pics I'm def right off it * shivers theatrically* ! :-) Though I would love to have a look around a giant market like that. I hope you found some treasures to sell on.

  6. Please please please look at the "Crap Taxidermy" twitter feed. I've died laughing at some of those!

  7. Loved the pots and set of drawers on your interesting stall.

  8. Marlene - he had some nice things and we enjoyed a chat with him too. He will be relieved that I got him when he wasn't eating his sarnie!

    Simon - Ah, I know it already as our eldest daughter sent me a link once. Plenty of cross-eyed foxes and turkeys stuffed by the butcher which we see in our travels!

    Sue - Oh, it's people who want the bizarre in their house to . . . "make a statement"!!! It's a great market to look round as you just never know what you will find!

    Pat - There probably are Fleamarkets in Yorkshire, and some Yorkshire buyers expecting a bargain too! Our eldest daughter would love one of those collections of colourful exotic birds from the Tropics, under a dome, but they fetch serious money now!

  9. I really don't like the stuffed animals. Quite sad, for me.
    The last photo of the fox is so sweet that I wish she would jump off the chair and run away.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Mixed responses to stuffed animals, don't think I like them either but fascinating. How do you dust them? You are both very lucky to go to all these fabulous places, and I note that Pat says there are not many up in Yorkshire, pity...

  11. parsnip and thelma - some folks like them, others don't. I work along the lines of they are long dead, and nothing I can do about it so it doesn't upset me to see them, I just accept that nothing lives forever. NOT keen on the rows of kittens in school desks that the Victorians were fond of . . .

  12. Must admit I'm not overkeen on taxidermy even though I quite enjoyed the displays in Tewkesbury. Have recently finished reading "The Taxidermist's Daughter" by Kate Mosse. I usually like her books but this one I found totally gruesome :( Its on my Kindle otherwise I would have taken it straight to the nearest second hand book shop. I really did find it creepy!

  13. Never a dull post from Wales now is there ?~! Your travels and markets provide me with such delightful photos of places and things I may never see in real life that it's always fun to see you come up in my bloglovin feed, BB. Thanks for all the fun.

  14. R. Robin - I've not read a Kate Moss book yet, though they look inviting. Too many in the "to read" pile already.

    Lynda - Glad you enjoy my posts. I quite often start writing them in my head during the day or when I am out somewhere, and by the time I've got to the computer, it's fled!