Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Great Garden Challenge - getting rid of garden Thugs

There's a rose in there - poor Graham Thomas completely overwhelmed by Achillea Ptarmica "The Pearl" which I foolishly bought a pot of at Leeds castle about 30 years ago and brought with me from Dorset.  Mistake!  The poor poppy is equally overgrown, and other plants which I have taken out and cleaned around and through, and replanted now.

A friend gave me a bit of this thug which is a Rush with a Pendiculata type name.  It needed THIS to get it out:

My faithful mattock.

Progress - and Ghenghis keeping an eye on me to see I worked hard enough.  Originally the Thugs went all the way across to the left - there was NO space whatsoever.  I had cleared them right back not that long ago, and made some fresh plantings which have since been swallowed up.  I made the decision, they had to be eradicated.  Totally.

Stuff replanted that came out to have every bit of thug root removed - those are big white Shasta daisies at the back and Elecampane in front of them.

Another job for the mattock - this quite substantial stone refused to budge so I am waiting until I have energy again tomorrow!

Sorry for the boring pictures today, but I wanted to show I am making SOME progress out there.  Tomorrow lots of Aquilegia pictures to brighten up the page.


  1. Gardening is hard work, but well worth the effort, can't wait ti see your aquilegia's.

  2. Stepfather bought himself a mattock for gardening, I could hardly lift it!

  3. Everyone has to clean out a garden at some time !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. The only thug in my garden was the Melissa, she has gone to compost.

  5. I agree, some thugs just have to be removed - it was Golden Rod here - pretty but took over everything. And I have to keep a serious eye on Montbretia Lucifer or it catches me unawares. I am swamped Aquelegia of various colours but they are harmless and seed themselves elegantly. I look forward to tomorrow's pictures of yours.

  6. Marlene - WHEN we eventually are able to downsize, I plan on getting a smaller garden for my dotage. A non-mattock garden!

    Simon - that's what my muscles are telling me this morning, gosh my shoulders/neck hurt!

    Parsnip - if it's not the garden Thugs, it's the grass. My garden has never forgotten it used to be a field . . .

    Pam - got that too and working on it!

    Pat - Got that too and regret it, but it's not in my main beds. A bit around the wildlife pond and a romping of it in the paddock plot . . .