Thursday, 24 September 2015

A couple more pieces of Torquay pottery and an embroidery

First, this beautiful embroidery which I bought at Malvern on Sunday.  I just couldn't resist it and thought it was worth the £10 I paid for it.  I will probably get it framed later.

Then a pretty piece of Torquay, with a slight glaze problem so probably a Friday afternoon piece.  It makes it mortal anyway, and it came cheaply enough.

This lovely big piece came from Builth, where it was just £8.

These I just HAD to have.  I didn't have a pinch-top piece like the vase on the left, and I am still trying to pin down the pottery that made the nearly pair of vases - I have NEVER seen that eel/snake shape on anything else.

I am feeling under the weather today and had to have a sofa day, though I have been sewing and finishing off a lovely chain-stitch wool embroidery that my dear late friend Annie had been working on for her daughter.  I am seeing her daughter tomorrow so need to get on and complete it.


  1. I love the blueand white piece BB - but all of it is interesting.
    I hope that you are feeling better by tomorrow.

  2. fantastic colours in that embroidery. Get well soon

  3. I know diddly squat about pottery but that embroidery is the business. I would have snapped it up too. Take it easy and get your breath back.

  4. That sewing is divine, how many hours did some gifted person work on that?? Xx

  5. Embroidery top photo is beautiful, hope you feel better by tomorrow, or perhaps another 'sofa' day for weekend is what is called for!