Monday, 21 September 2015

Malvern again

Yesterday was a Malvern Day, as in Fleamarket of course.  We dragged our weary bodies out of bed at 3.15 a.m. and drove steadily through the night (I hate driving at night at the best of times) and the low-lieing cloud which was pretending to be fog (a pretty good impression too).  Anyway, we were glad to arrive in good time at around 7.15 a.m. and as you can see from the photo, as the day unravelled, the sun came through and burnt off the mist.  It was pretty warm by around 11 a.m.

Now yesterday seemed to have been THE day for pond yachts, as I must have seen well over a dozen about the place (normally one would be the rule).  However, they paled into insignificance against this monster - now THIS is what you CALL a pond yacht!!!  It was enormous.  I am guessing scale model rather than something to have on the water, but it got a few admiring glances from the menfolk present.

Some people say they find rocking horses scarey.  I never agreed with them until I saw this chap yesterday.  Oh dear, I should imagine he would terrify most kids.  He looks like he should audition for Dr Who!

One of a pair of big Torquay bird vases I spotted on the way round.  I could live without these.

I've not seen this heather-coloured background used before on such a big pot AND with the "angry budgie" motif!!  I easily resisted this too.

There were a lot of hours of sewing went into these beautiful x-stitch designs.  There were about 20 of them on offer, but no takers.  I liked the ploughing team bottom right.

Cute cutwork cat.

This pretty painted box with cranes took my eye.

An oddball collection here.  Wild boar's heads were on offer all over the place - I think some have come in recently with European sellers - I know the Dutchman who is there regularly had a whole pile of taxidermy last time.

Speaking of which - this boyo looked fierce. . . .

. . . and these were European too.  Splendid horns chaps.

This was such a pretty little scrapbook from a long time ago.  1920s perhaps?

A little hunting figure with hounds from a horsey-orientated stall.

A general view of the top stalls, mainly people who are in the sheds, but were lured out by the sunshine yesterday.  Who can blame them?  Plus the money gets spent outside before folks go into the sheds, as a rule (last month's monsoon weather proved the exception of course).

This is the view the posh houses in Malvern have.  You can see for miles and miles and from what we have noticed, houses overlooking this view soon sell.

Back tomorrow, hopefully having caught up on missed sleep, and with a couple of photos of what I bought for me.


  1. Lost of scary looking things there, they must have been getting ready for halloween :-)

  2. Not sure about that rocking horse! Love the crane box too. I'd forgotten all about scrap books.

  3. Dawn - there's always lots of taxidermy as it is currently trendy. There used to be a stall which always had stuffed crows, crows' bleached skulls, and some oddball stuff like that.

    CT - scrapbooking has come round again, but nothing quite like these period ones. I have some lovely old scraps from Victorian books I bought as a joblot at a car boot sale once. Must give them an airing.

  4. Looks as though you has a lovely day for your outing anyway. I think I would have been very tempted by the cross stitch picture of the plough team. There's something about the working horses and old fashioned farming methods that calls to something deep inside me. Remnants of my Ag Lab ancestry I supect:)

  5. Rowan - it calls to me in the same way, and we have similar backgrounds with the Ag. Labs (suspect there are many in most people's family trees).

  6. There are some wonderful items for sale here. I like the large carved wooden dragon, the box with the painted cranes and the plough horse cross stitch that you liked.

  7. Terra - there were some nice things, but also silly prices being asked, really silly - as in retail plus about 20%! and reluctant to give a decent Trade price.

  8. That is the problem with buying antique stuff I suppose, the customer wants a good bargain, and the seller wants a decent price, and there is no legitimate price to be found in the written word anywhere, it is all up in the air.

  9. There is a legitimate trade price which some dealers will negotiate to and others won't. They think because it's Malvern Joe Public will pay up, but Joe Public watches too many tv programmes!