Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to Builth - more pictures than words

Just to prove those wretched lights on the A40 are ALWAYS on red for us, here is the evidence!

On the road - heading towards the Sugar Loaf.

Not that I'd have wanted to buy them, but these dragons were a . . . statement piece.

These photos are largely things which I would love to buy for myself.  This Celadon dish was so pretty.


A sad little nighty case . . .

Masses of Torquay pottery to tempt me, but the only thing I would have liked (the £15 price ticket stopped me) is shown below:

The little jug on the left, although the one beside it was lovely too.  Cheaper on Fleabay.

I am a sucker for thatched cottage pictures but no way was this one worth £38!  The horse picture on the left also attracted me (£25 ditto).  The stall holder approached me after I had taken these photos and said I should have asked permission to take the photograph as it was known that some people came round and took photos to "case the joint" and come back later and knick stuff.  Looking at what he had on his stall I thought "Well love, if that's what I was doing, I wouldn't have bothered here!!!"

These two lovely pieces outside took my eye, especially the one on the left which was Belgian.

A nice little Continental spinning wheel.  I have a soft spot for them and currently own four, though in my defence, three are for sale.

I don't care for the colour-way, but a nicely made old Carmarthenshire quilt which dates from 1909.  I thought £250 a little steep though.

I just LOVED this Chinese piece (on later stand).

Beautifully painted top, using Elm.

This early Walnut chest of drawers was beautiful too.

Colourful modern Tiffany style lamps always look pretty. I liked the Dragonfly one on the left.

What a poppet.

A teddy bear's picnic in one of the sheds . . .

Taken from the balcony, an interesting corner with some gorgeous Winstanley cats.  I'd love to collect those.

A bevy of Hares.  I think I took photos of this stall last time too.

This stall with the hessian walls had the most lovely (to our eyes) pieces of country furniture - primitive stools, a lovely Windsor chair, spoon racks, candle boxes, salt boxes, samplers, what looks like a bushel measure.  LOVELY.  Us exactly.

Another lovely quilt, in a delicious Log Cabin design.

Finally, what my dear husband would have liked to have brought home - one of a pair of  cannon trolleys (is there a more technical name?)  He'd have liked them complete with cannons though.  Repel all raiders!


  1. I don't know where you find the stamina for looking round these big antique fairs, I suppose it's because you have both knowledge and interest which makes all the difference. I have no knowledge of antiques at all and only certain kinds of things interest me and since I have absolutely no idea whether what I'm looking at is a genuine piece it's pretty much a waste of time for me to go at all:)

  2. I just adore everything in your pictures - the jugs are delightful - and as I collect hares in any shape or form I want them all!


  3. Loved the jugs as well. collections of everything there, I would end up exhausted after a half dozen stalls!

  4. My mother would rather fancy the little Belgian bird vase

  5. Seeing your photos was almost as good as being there..thank you!
    Quilts here go for all sorts of prices. I won't pay much over $50 for one, and I do find them, as well as tons of un quilted tops....

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Lynda - our Welsh quilts are rarer and more desirable. I would LOVE to go quilt hunting in the States. If I ever get to holiday there, I am going to bring a huge spare suitcase and fill it with quilting material and quilts!! Hang the excess luggage fees!

    Simon - I was quite tempted, I have to say. It had such character.

    Marlene - it was understated but beautifully made and about 400 years old.

    thelma - I always find any jugs tempting, as I have a limited collection of them (I'd have more!). You'd be surprised how fit you get walking round the big Fleamarkets. Builth isn't really a buying market for us - the odd thing - it's Malvern that is our favourite hunting ground and it takes 6 - 7 hours to get round there on a good day.

    Pat - those hares were gorgeous. I found it hard to choose between those and the Winstanley cats - both said "buy me"!

    Rowan - we learn so much at these fairs. We have both had an interest in antiques (furniture primarily) all the time we have been together. Windsor chairs are K's "thing".

  7. Oh so many goodies.
    That quilt is beautiful.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. What a wonderful collection of items :) I would have found that little collection of hares hard to resist - says she still in the middle of trying to declutter!! Just found a huge box or hedgehog ornaments which I went through a phase of collecting!

  9. Michelle - I am certain you would have been absolutely in your element there! So many temptations . . .

    R. Robin - hares are so special aren't they? Are you passing your hedgehogs on now, or have they gone back in the attic?!