Friday, 4 September 2015

An end of summer tea party

I picked these in the garden yesterday.  The colours aren't true because of the flash - the roses are a soft custardy yellow - but this little posy made such a statement on the table.

We had our friends Pam and Dunc coming over for coffee and cake so we could catch up on a summer's chatting (we've all been busy).  Apart from the cheese and the coffee, everything was home made.

Little cheesy biscuits topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.


Scones with lemon zest and raisins.

A bung it in the breadmaker oaty loaf.

However, this was the Disaster Area!  A chocolate apple cake which I have successfully made before, but I used a different tin and left it in a low oven (as per recipe) whilst I went for a walk.  It just got over-cooked, dry and heavy and although I put it on the table, I said it wasn't one of my best - and the birds had it in the end!

I hadn't realized that I had picked the flowers after I laid the table.  It looked a treat.  I can manage recipes later if you'd like.


  1. Yes please recipes for oatcakes are needed :-)

  2. The flowers are vivid, the spread looks great, but sad to see the phrase "End of Summer". Grrrr. It never began.

  3. An invite to tea at your house looks like a real treat, all of blogland is on the way!

  4. Have you got room for a little one, I'm on my way round x

  5. Yes please to the recipes, there is nothing like a tried and tested recipe, even better then a Mary Berry book. The flowers are gorgeous, a brilliant splash of colour and the table is a perfect spread.

  6. That table is a delight BB. Wish I had had an invite.

    Love the flowers. My mother loved those colours and once crocosmia was out (montbretia in those days) she would always have a vase of it on the dining table.

  7. What a lovely spread - would have loved to come to tea too :) Would love recipe for cheesey biscuits and oatcakes. Also your recipe for Banana Flapjacks in last post looks delicious - have just written it down - love flapjacks and always looking for recipes for ripe bananas :)

  8. The flowers are lovely, such beautiful autumnal colours. The cheesy biscuits look realy good as does the rest of the spread. Why do I always see things like this when I've just decided that I must lose some weight!!