Wednesday 30 September 2015

Some seaside photos from Newgale (and very few words!)

One of the beauties of Welsh beaches is that on a sunny September weekday afternoon there is scarcely a soul to be seen on them.  Here is Newgale, enjoying a day borrowed from summer.  When the surf is up in summer, it is a surfer's paradise.

Sunlight prickled the water and made it glare, so that the horizon with Milford Haven to its back was just a grey smudge, punctuated by the islands of Skomer and Skokholm, and a tanker (one of several) standing off waiting to offload at Milford.

My lovely husband.

I took dozens of photos trying to capture the waves breaking, but it was so dazzling I couldn't really see what I was aiming at!  This is one of the better ones.

St David's Head in the distance.  I would love to go for a wander round there again.

One last one, looking east.

I am up for an early night tonight as I was awake over 4 hours last night, watching Escape to the Country programmes and knitting . . .


  1. Beautiful photos.
    I miss living by the ocean.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Beautiful :) I can't imagine anything nicer than walking along a deserted beach!

  3. Really lovely photographs. I love the sea. I don't get there often enough. X

  4. It looks just fabulous there, the beach is amazingly empty - heaven!

  5. I used to walk regularly at St David's head years ago - beautiful area. The Pembrokeshire Cliff Path has some lovely
    sections and we went to the area twice a year for years.

  6. Pat - I shouldn't think it's changed much if at all.

    All of you - glad you enjoyed these photos. For two pins I'd have gone back there today . . . and yesterday . . . and Tuesday . . .