Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Down by the river

On their last morning I took Trish and John for a stroll along the river.  We drove down and parked up as our hill is a killer when it comes to walking back up it.  This is the view downstream from our bridge.

and then upstream.

Within a few feet the river suddenly begins to boil as it speeds over the rocks.

Down by the mill, where there is a narrower channel, it has to fight its way through.

Further downstream is my favourite view, looking back up the river.

And downstream.

Today I have made Sweet Potato and Carrot soup, and am about to make Bramble Jelly (I have an order, having been suitably bribed with a bottle of Sloe Gin.)  I need to make some Scones for a friend too, so keeping busy as usual.


  1. Got to be some tasty little brown trout in there!

  2. Sewin of course. We used to get the occasional one from Eira, who lived right by the bridge. Toothsome indeed!

  3. I think I shall try sweet potato and carrot soup - it sounds good BB. Do you add an onion in the early stage?

  4. How lovely the photos following the river, I was thinking soup today but was busy and didnt get any made :-)

  5. Pat - yes, it called for garlic too but I was mindful of the fact that I had a Hospital Appt tomorrow and didn't want to breath garlic breath all over the poor woman! (Just a checkup). I will put the recipe up tomorrow for you. I added cumin instead of the garlic.

    Maria - it's lovely down there but I have sadly neglected my walks in that direction this summer.

    Dawn - it's a really lovely river. I have soup for tomorrow and Thursday and the other half is frozen now.

  6. trout, trout, trout, trout and trout. Sewin, sewing sewin....and its beautiful.

  7. Such wonderful photos, I love trees and water.
    I would love to know what you think of Ruth Motts book.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. Michelle - still waiting for it to arrive (impatiently!) Glad you liked the photos.

    charles - had none for several years now so will have to go talk nicely to the fishermen along our stretch of the river.