Monday, 1 February 2016

2nd half of the Colomendy Walk

Back again, half way down the Colomendy hill, and looking across the wooded Towy Valley in the distance.  This is where the wild flowers were in full bloom.

At the bottom of the hill, having turned left and looking back the way I had come.   Colomendy farm in the foreground, and the lane climbs up to the other buildings at the top, by the tall tree.

Another bit of a hill.  I had forgotten quite how many little bits of hill there were walking it this way round (which avoids having to climb UP Colomendy hill).

The Black Mountain in the far distance, half shrouded by clouds.

If you look carefully just in the gateway you will see a big dog fox.  I watched him cross the field and follow the sheep paths in the next field, before disappearing from view over the next hill.

Ponies at Allt-y-Ferin farm.

Above and below, winter trees.  I like the one below, which is managing to grow another crown, having lost its first in a storm.

Allt-y-Ferin with, just behind it, the Norman Motte and bailey.

A nice old wall covered in small ferns, ivy and navalwort.

Another steep bit of hill (this one finished me off).

Another beautiful tree outline.

Winter landscape across our river valley.

Finally, the downhill road home.

Sorry this is short on words, but I am fuming at the moment, about a certain person in my eldest daughter's world, who does NOT deserve her.


  1. i love your photo's of the tree's my hubby always laughs at me when I take loads of photo's of trees, but without their leaves they are so interesting.

  2. I think they are such beautiful shapes too Marlene. My husband has some really lovely tree books, especially his favourite tree, the Yew.

  3. Isn't the landscape bare now, but it looks a good walk. Keep strong with your daughter, mine has just phoned this morning having split with her husband over the weekend. Relationships can be fraught and the bystanders have to try to work out solutions and be strong X

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  5. A beautiful walk and lovely photos - you do live in such a lovely area :)

    So sorry to hear about the problems your daughter is having - stay strong - it must help her a lot to have your help and support.