Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I'm glad it's February

One month closer to spring and our last month of winter.  The daily walk is very enjoyable - at least half an hour a day, and some longer ones interspersed.  We have sunshine today, so I had best get out quickly!

Here is yesterday's half and half loaf (using a tasty seeded wholemeal flour and white organic).  I was watching For What It's Worth on tv and nearly forgot it so it had an extra 5 minutes baking time and is very crusty!

When I was in the Range recently, I couldn't resist these beautiful little butterfly labels which I will be using for pricing the smaller items in my Fleamarket stock.  The necklace kit I got with the idea of making stitch markers, but it hasn't worked out - the nylon thread doesn't tuck away neatly.  Ah well, I'm sure I'll put the beads to good use.

I am finally nearing the end of this table runner.  I did some stitching on it when I was on the train down to Hampshire recently which was a mistake as I shall have to unpick and restitch most of what I sewed as the light wasn't very good (I work under a blue daylight bulb at home) and trains are bumpy!  I have some maroon bias binding in the post to me from Fleabay and am just turning under and hemming the edges.  It was much bigger than I realized and has taken a lot of work.

Other than that, not a great deal happening here.  A Fleamarket later in the month to sell at, and the first Malvern for us since October - I have been having terrible withdrawal symptoms this last week or two.  It is always such an enjoyable day out for us.

Right, this won't do.  I have some baking to do (a Blueberry and Banana cake and biscuits) and I need to clean the kitchen as we have friends round for coffee and cake tomorrow.


  1. That loaf of bread looks amazing, do you offer a postal service hehe! :-) x

  2. The bread look s goo. a crusty slice with cheese and pickles, heaven.

    1. GOOD not goo. How on earth could you have crust goo!!, wait a minute, Eton Mess oooh nice.

  3. That crusty bread looks to die for. Tear off a piece of thick crust, spread with beautiful creamy butter and eat!

  4. Emma - it's practice. I went to a bread making talk at Eling Tide Mill back in 1980 and have made my own bread ever since - sometimes a bit on and off, if life gets in the way. Give it a whirl!

    Pam - I'm glad it wasn't goo. Sadly I can't eat it with a good chunk of cheese these days although occasionally I do have a little square and try not to have anything else to bring a reaction.

    Pat - I had the crust, still warm, well spread with goat's butter. Yum.

  5. Ooh that bread looks wonderful BB!

  6. Everything thing looks lovely from the bread to the quilting and the bits in between. I'm pleased we have a month only left of winter, fed up with rain and mud....xxx

  7. Love those butterfly tags - too good to give away!