Friday, 19 February 2016

Shields and a local walk

Well, details of 3 of the shields.  I will have to take the last tomorrow for a close-up, but  if anyone can throw any light on these, I would be grateful.    A Welsh dragon here, but over an open book/pick/anchor?/hammer?

Strange is this one.  A snake on a shield background? with a rising or setting? sun above it.

This one I have found: the two-headed lion with a mermaid and a motto - Per adua ad alta - through efforts to high things.  Connected with Birmingham University.  So I expect the others are and they all probably came from Aberystwyth University as they have Aberystwyth chalked on the back.

Two little metal shields came with our purchase.

Yesterday it was dry, and when the sun came out, very pleasant.  I walked down the hill and along by the river, which had dropped quite a bit overnight.

Then up to the junction, and turning up the lane to go up past Eisteddfa, which is a farmhouse on a very ancient site connected with our local Saint Egwad, who had a preaching cell there.  Here are the first Pussy Willow "paws" I have seen.

The lane ahead, one of the few flat bits.

Climbing up, there's a nice view across to the hills behind Black Mountain (Brynaman is behind these hills).  I can just see the Bronze Age cairns up there but I know where to look!

Looking across to the Towy Valley and the far side of that valley.

A pair of Kites who were synchronistic in flight.

On my way back I took a zoom in on one of the farmhouses on the hills above our house, N-E of it.

Finally, a view all regular followers will recognize.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Glorious blue skies BB. Sorry I can shed no light on your shields at all. But the photographs are fascinating.

  2. I will admit to being somewhat disappointed (though not surprised as we thought they came from Aber. Uni) that they are University heraldry rather than obscure Welsh families, but hey-ho . . .

  3. Pussy willows - spring can`t be far away! Lovely photos again, especially the red kites soaring together and that amazing sky above Black Mountain.

    Have you tried contacting Aber University for info about the shields?

  4. Four years ago we made the long, windy and somewhat hairy journey to Aberystwyth Uni with Miss 21 who had set her heart on going there. As it turned out, Newcastle won but for me? I fell in love with the place. I was ready to sign up to do my degree! Yes, I nearly died walking back up Cardiac Hill from the sea front to the uni. I wished we had time to go into the Welsh National Library but sadly time pushed on.