Saturday 27 February 2016

White Castle

The Castle Cat.  Such a sweety and we had lovely cuddles.

Not the most flattering photo of Danny as the sun was SO bright, hence his eyes shut.

As you can see, the cat had his eyes shut too!  More than a passing resemblance to Sharon's (Morning's Minion's blogspot) Bobby McGee.

I'm sorry, I am in the horns of a dilemma  today, so I'm not really up to words tonight.  You will have to make do with photos.

The hill in the distance is the Blorenge which overlooks Abergavenny.

A lovely view.

Moat outside the curtain wall and towers.

Above and below: Offa's Dyke runs right in front of the cottage you can see.

The tempting trackway which leads you on to Skenfrith and Grosmont Castles.  This triumvirate guards the border lands between Abergavenny and the English (Herefordshire) border.


  1. Lovely kitty, and your castle has a face! Look at the third picture.

  2. Haven't been to White Castle yet. We visited Skenfrith when we were heading home from Hereford. The weather had been filthy that week and the Monow was close to bursting the banks. I found a fragment of medieval floor tile between the castle and what would have been the jetty - I literally just kicked it up. We looked at it, then placed it back where it was, face down, for someone else to discover.

    Seeing that gorgeous cat has got me thinking again about the awful events in Kilpeck. I do hope it wasn't the lovely fellow who guided us round the church and up to the castle that was murdered by the hunt.

  3. So very beautiful. What a lovely trip.
    The kitty is lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I walked bits of Offa's Dyke many years ago so it is nice to see it again.

  5. Aren't you 'on' the horns of dilemma not 'in' them. Feel a bit pedantic this morning;)

  6. Thelma - you're right (brain not fully functioning at present, despite all the on line brain training I am doing). I think my version describes the situation better though as torn between two paths of action.

    Pat - I still intend too, but they probably won't be hugely long bits of it!

    parsnip - we were very tempted to pop him in the car! No, obviously we wouldn't have, but he was very cat-nappable!

    Blue Shed - you will love it, and do go on to Grosmont too. That's a village I would love to live in - it truly is like going back to the 1950s. Hadn't heard about the Kilpeck cat.

    Marleen - I am so glad I brought back happy memories for you. It is such a lovely area, and we explored some of the back lanes between Raglan village and Llantilio Crossenny.

  7. Great photos the castle will have to be on my list of places to see this summer. Francesca is back next weekend and we will be making plans then. I agree with you about the cat, very tempting.

  8. Beautiful photos. Have never been to White Castle.
    Good to see Danny again and what a lovely Castle Cat!

  9. Pam - it is such a beautiful spot. Try and get good weather and take a picnic!

    DW - definitely one to visit when you are in the area. Raglan too if you get a chance. Danny's beard has now had a little trim so he doesn't look quite so much like a mountain man! Best Castle Cat EVER.