Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Another job done and dusted

My office was the scene of the action yesterday.  Every single one of these books came off and was stacked up in the hallway, a shelf at a time, and the two top shelves manhandled down (they are NOT lightweight!) so I could repaint the wall behind, which had been a darker cream.  I mainly had to do it as bits of the side wall were also the darker cream (where books had been against them last time I splashed the paint about).  Anyway, all done now and I had my upper body workout yesterday.

Here is Theo, perched between fruit bowl and breadmaker in the kitchen.  He has been a little hooligan recently, always where he shouldn't be, but we love him really.

Things are quiet here at the moment.  The Welsh Govt. have announced that the 5 mile limit on journeys in Wales may last all summer.  They have conceded that us poor folk living rurally may find this a challenge (especially if they live 15 or 20 miles from the nearest town/shops) but you are not allowed to go out for a drive/go to the beach/go to a beauty spot and I have to say, the prospect of this continuing all summer is not a cheerful one.  Being in the vulnerable group, I am already confined to barracks - which is OK, as we have such beautiful countryside around us to explore on foot, but Cabin Fever is starting to set in!  Still, until infection/death rates start to really fall well below the R number, nothing will change.

Right, a day of Domestic Economy, window cleaning (insides only due to pollen) and Sorting Out The Junk Room beckon.  I know how to have fun!

Theo in camouflage mode . . .

Finally - I kept forgetting to post this photo.  Last week I used Tracy's Nana's wartime recipe for Crispys - which are Flapjacks.  My husband ate the lot!  recipe on her BLOG.


  1. Well done on the cleaning and painting - not something I stir myself to too often! I hadn't heard about the 5 mile restriction lasting all summer. I've not been out anywhere for months as it is, not even to the shop. I have a painful condition which is made worse by the cold, so for me it could be next year before I get to go anywhere. What a depressing thought!

  2. You are Getting Things Done!! A five Mile limit is not good if you live rurally..but at least it helps to keep some away from you.
    Thanks for the recipe link...always good to try a different flapjack recipe

  3. I shall not go and look at that recipe - I dare not, especially as your husband ate the lot - I fear I may do the same.

  4. You have been busy!!! Flapjacks look good - I made some today too from Mary Berry's "Fast Cakes" book. Easy and quick to make if you don't have much time. I am getting cabin fever too although we can travel any distance we like in England. I really do need to find a quiet country lane somewhere to go for a walk. The longer I stay in the house and garden only or just a drive in the car, the harder it is becoming to go out :(

  5. A five mile restriction would be difficult for us too, although we do have a small shop in our village it would not meet the needs of everyone to do their weekly shop there. There must be an awful lot of people effected by that restriction as Wales is very rural.

    You have been doing the job that I need to tackle in my pantry. It is dire need of a coat of paint but first I need to empty it......