Thursday, 11 June 2020

Swift magic

This afternoon we went to see my friend N, and had our usual weekly socially-distanced chat, and then drove on up the valley, parked up and had a short out-of-the-wind walk down to the river.  The old hanging bridge went years ago and now there is a stalwart affair that you can cross the river on or - as we did - just stand on and look up and downstream.  To our amazement, there were a couple of dozen SWIFTS and nearly as many House Martins were hawking for insects up and down the river, swooping under the bridge, looping the loop, and hurtling back again.  Taking photos was nigh on impossible.  By the time you had one in your view-finder, it was gone again!  


You can just make out two Swifts bottom left and a little higher and further in.

Looking upstream towards Brechfa.

The view downstream.  The birds were flying a stretch of perhaps a hundred yards and turning before this tree leaning out over the water.

Some views taken along the lane where we walked.  Now it's getting late and I am going downstairs to watch The Last Kingdom.  I shall be sad when we get to the end of the new series.

Finally, the first Rosebay Willowherb of summer, noticed on the way home.  (We drove a circular route).


  1. So beautiful and green! And I really like you fabulous header photo!

  2. It worked well - taken out of the car window. The wind was blowing though which is why there is a "double" for the Willowherbs by each one!

    Wales does green, even after 3 months of daily sunshine!

  3. More fabulous photos, thank you! Watching the swifts and house martins must have been amazing. We have just been doing a study of swifts for our nature journal they are amazing birds!

    1. It lifted my spirits, I have to say. How wonderful to be doing a study of them for your nature journal with the children. I remember them from when I was growing up - they would nest at the Community Centre down the road from where I lived and I have an abiding memory of them screeching up and down our road, cleaving the heavens with their wings.

  4. Lovely views. Birds are so fast, I have tried so many times to get a photo of some and they disappear before I can even push the button. You did well to get the two you did.

    God bless.