Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Over the hills and far away

Sorry the photos are so enormous, but it is beyond my brain tonight to resize them all.

We had to Go Out today - to town.  To take bottles for recycling, to put fuel in the car and some in a can for the petrol strimmer (gloves worn), to pick up fruit and veg from Abergwili and to get Compost.  In fact, we even braved the Garden Centre.  Well, I didn't, I stayed in the car and learned a few more words in French on my phone app.  As we were potting on the Tomatoes, fresh Compost was essential - we had run out of all the recycled stuff from pots here, and anyway, it needed to have a bit of oomph in it and the recycled stuff had all its nutrients already used really.  I asked Tam to get me some plants to go in the tubs at front of house and she got half a dozen various and a surprise perennial (photos tomorrow).  It was very civilized, people let in only very slowly and well apart and she used hand sanitiser afterwards.  

We were fed up with the usual lanes home and decided to explore and drove up past the back of Merlin's Hill and then headed East (ish!) and just stopped and took some photos on my phone (hence quality not brilliant).  No words really necessary, but enjoy the views as we did.  Took us ages to get home, and at one point we were heading due north up and down precipitous narrow lanes with hairpin bends, and came through a tiny hamlet called Pant-Teg which consisted of a lovely old chapel, adjoining Manse, a graveyard and another cottage.  We'd never heard of it before today yet it is perhaps 5 miles from home as the crow flies.

Misty hills which lead on to Black Mountain.

The back of Merlin's Hill.

You can just make out the long ridge above the Amman valley, terminating in Black Mountain on the left.  "Our" mountain we look at from all the hills around.

The lane ahead . . .

Nearly back on the Brechfa road not from from Nantgaredig.

Above and below:  Ox-eye daisies in the "lawn" at Monachdy.

Finally, little Trinity Church, built by the Bath family for their private worship originally, and with awonderful Arts & Crafts interior we can't see at the moment (it used to be open every Thursday and I was going to do a post on it. That will have to be post-Covid . . .)

We really enjoyed exploring, although this route was NOT a viable drop-off and walk home route.  It would have taken us all day!!


  1. Sadly your photos cannot be seen on my computer. Sounds good though.

  2. I can't see your photoseither BB but enjoyed imagining your walk.

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  4. Even though I can't see the photos it sounds as if you had a lovely time.

    God bless.

  5. Your photos aren't showing up for me. Sounds lovely, hope you get it fixed.

  6. No photos here either. Hope you can get them and link sorted as it sounds an interesting journey

  7. I cannot see your photos either :( Like JustJill has said it sounds good!

  8. Well all, one failed experiment using photos from my phone! We will have to drive that route again, with my trusty camera.

    Tom - I had so much spam I needed to control it. I was not aware I was losing followers (numbers have actually gone up). I try and put comments up and reply to them daily. If you don't like it, tough.