Wednesday 23 June 2021

The garden is slowly taking shape


Not quite sunrise this morning (which is 4.53 a.m.), but this was taken around 6 a.m. and looking across towards Llanelwedd, when it was still misty and just starting to glow and the sun dazzled me so much through the bathroom window, I couldn't see what photo I was taking!

I ventured down our track to the lane to collect the recycyling boxes.  The sheeps were under the tree and leapt to their feet as I came near.

The distant hills were still milky with sleep, but promised a hot day (and it is now).

Sorry for the power lines in all of them - can't be avoided.

Our next door neighbour across the track was having a snooze . . .

Progress on the Paul's Himlayan Musk as more flowers open.  It's on the top of the bank and quite difficult to get a closer photo really.

A work in progress.  This side lawn was just SO boring, and I needed to plant a border of perennials.  Below, on a medium pollen day, I extended the four feet or so already dug and planted, by a further 6 feet, and planted another dozen plants.  It will need widening, so I can put some more plants in, staggered, so it isn't a straight line of plantings.  I've sown some Pot Marigolds down the back today, and some other annuals will be sprinkled about to give it more colour.  I will see if I can dig another foot or so of turf up and plant the Rudbeckia which is in a pot.  It's a High Pollen day though, so I don't want to push my luck too much.

Finally, below, my current reading, which I can recommend as hard to put down and a great read. This is the 2nd of her books I've read, the other being The Shadowy Horses, and equally good. 


  1. I do love the first photo, but like you I curse power lines and telegraph posts. I used to edit them out when I had Photoshop. Your garden is coming along well. Making me envious that I am still incapacitated.

  2. Thankyou RP. It will have to stay as it is! Sorry that you are still laid up and not able to garden. I hope you are back to your old self again soon. Gardening is quite a challenge nowadays but I managed to dig a biggish hole on the bank for the big Rudbeckia this morning, and now it's raining steadily, so that has given it a good watering, and helped the seeds I bunged in off to a good start too (a packet of Pot Marigolds in that long bed and a packet of Nigella on one side of the front square lawn.

  3. Well done on the gardening!
    Power lines and poles..a photographer's nightmare as you don't always notice them until you see the image! But...most of us use electricity...

    1. My back isn't saying well done right now, it's saying ouch! I was shifting heavy planters yesterday - two I just shoved across the ground, but one I thought was light enough to manhandle. In retrospect, wrong move!

      I will just have to try and take photos above or below those dratted power lines where possible.

  4. Look at all those pretty white sheep. I also love the colouring of your napping neighbour across the road.

    The garden is really taking shape.

    God bless.

    1. This is sheep country, and there are LOTS around here. Whenever I'm outside, the background noise is a sheepy one (baaing and bleating) with an overtone of Swifts screaming and general bird noise. Wonderful.

      The horse opposite is a very dark bay colour, and a gelding, but that's all I know about him. His owner, or her husband, come up twice a day to check him but we our path haven't crossed yet.

      Lots of plans for the garden still, and stuff will have to get established before really looking as I see it in my mind's eye but it's going in the right direction.

  5. Lovely countryside and good companion animals to live alongside. The pollen is dreadful here, only to open a door and I am sneezing away.

    1. Indeed Thelma. We have neighbours at the turning to our house (v. pleasant), and the other side of our stables, but everyone good neighbours.

      I would suggest reach for some Loratadine or similar antihistamines - no point in suffering when you needn't. My stronger ones, fingers x'd, seem to be better and helping.