Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Artistic inspiration

Yesterday I was so inspired by Ann Somerset Miles' blog Journaling the Journal, and wanting to do something similar, I decided I would blow the dust off my sketch pad and have a go. It's only copying, rather than drawing freehand, but hey-ho . . . For inspiration I used a lovely book I found at the car boot sale recently, "Hedgerow" by Anne Angus, a local artist (Carreg Cennen way) and naturalist.

Birds don't come naturally to me. I did these first. I am at home with horses and flowers, as I know how they "work". I was secretly rather pleased with the birds . . .

And then I went blog-hopping and really blew my mind: Look HERE for starters, and HERE for starters!

So, a new year and a new start . . .


  1. I love to draw, every year I resolve to start again, just 20 mins a day, but somehow everything else gets priority.
    Lovely work Jennie!

  2. Thanks Kath. Like you - its prioritizing it. Like my writing too - that always takes a back seat. This year I will try and rebalance it.

  3. Your aquilegia has come out really well.

    I bought a sketch pad last year but so far have only done a couple of cat sketches. Not enough hours in a day are there?

  4. Lovely sketches, I hope you find the time to continue with them. Like you, I find Ann's journalling inspiring.

  5. I envy you even being able to copy these sketches - I have no ability for drawing at all. The book looks lovely, I really like nature journals.