Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm writing this on my son's laptop aas my monitor developed a thin blue line of dead pixels and has been consigned to the bin in Curry's. It is being replaced FOC with a new one, but meanwhile I am left bereft and unable to function as normal.

Lynn - I will get back to you ref. postage, but right now it's difficult to function normally, as I have to keep looking up all my signing in details each time I borrow this. The cookery book I found I've discovered is half in Welsh (big section at the back, replicating all the recipes that were in English in the front half). That would be impractical as cost of posting it is for a book half of which is no good to you! I will get back to you and recommend a good one anyway.

Everyone else, hopefully by next week I shall be back to normal.


  1. I'm off computers at the moment - just had a nightmare with Blogger which disabled my blog so that I couldn't edit or comment or do anything else very much. All seems to be well as of last night thank goodness, not sure if that's thanks to Les spending hours trying to put things right or whether it was a Blogger thing that got fixed. Whatever it was I didn't enjoy it! Hope you get sorted soon.

  2. Oh BB I do hope that this is not the shape of things to come for me any day. I had the computer engineer out yesterday as my laptop was going so slow. He has defragmented it but says really it is time I replaced it. As I have a lot of expense over the next month or two I am hoping it will wait until the summer.

  3. Fingers crossed neither of you has to have more work done/has to replace your computer yet. It's such a big chunk of money isn't it Weaver? Mine is elderly now (about 8 yrs old), but I will have to wait until we move before I can upgrade to a new one.

    Rowan - Morning's Minion was saying that Blogger has disabled her ability to post comments on here, so obviously a problem across the board.

  4. I had problems with blogger as well, it just kept saying that it no longer 'accepted' my browser, so I changed to Chrome and then messed everything else up of course, but it does work in the new format.

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