Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sewing and crafting

My creative skills have suddenly resurfaced this new Year. You've seen I'm back drawing again - although the one I tried of poet Edward Thomas last night was not flattering. Having said that, it was a very difficult photograph to copy because it was "arty" with the light falling across his face so that the highlighting was very difficult to transcribe. I think it's fair to say that even his own mother wouldn't recognize him from my effort! I also did a slightly better drawing of a horse jumping - full stretch, a superb photograph - from the Racing Post, although the jockey had his elbow out and up and that was damn near impossible to draw as well! I might put that up later, but the Edward Thomas is one for the back of the cupboard!

Anyway, I can still remember how to sew cushions. These materials (half metre lengths of each) took me a long long time to chose - but what bliss it was choosing! The prints are from the Amy Butler Daisy Chain range. I wanted to make something extra for my middle daughter as she got sold short over her birthday present after the boots I thought I'd ordered were out of stock. The themed colour for her bedroom in the house she's sharing is turquoise and I LOVED these materials. The bold floral print looks very 1970s and retro and the yellow design on the other material is so pretty. Fortunately they don't match any of my colour schemes or I'd have been tempted to keep them myself! I just need some zips for them now, but that will have to wait until the weekend. To make the material make 2 cushions from each length, the backs are plain white glazed material - from the 50p a pair Lidl curtains!

My eldest daughter is having two cushion covers made from the purple Liberty print which I have hidden as much as possible - far left. She expressed a yearning for Liberty prints, so I thought I would do her a brace of cushion covers too. As she occasionally comes on here (and would you believe, did just before Christmas so she saw the Bunting destined for her!!!) I've hidden it as much as possible, but I'll put a photo up when they've been posted off to her.

Of course, I couldn't be left out and I spent FOREVER drooling over fabrics at The Cotton Patch Shop (I shall be back!) before finally plumping for one which had leapt off the page at me (a Kaffe Fassett design). Like G's fabrics, it matchs absolutely nothing in this house, but I DON'T CARE! I've wanted to paint our bedroom in Pansy violets for years - this is the nearest I shall get to purple in the bedroom!


  1. You are definitely sounding a whole lot better and more positive! So pleased that you are feeling like crafting and drawing again.

  2. I think I was actually far more ill than I realized last year, with worry and stress causing my recurring chest infection to hang on tight due to a depleted immune system. I was staying to Keith this morning what a joy it was not to be permanently stapled to the sofa, with no energy.

    I also have a gut feeling I need to get jobs done on house and garden soonest . . . let's hope this year will bring a buyer.

  3. Did you have to give me a link to a fabric store? I shan't be able to resist you know!

    Nice choices you made. I love the retro one.

  4. Oh, yes, I have found someone who love Kaffe Fassett too.
    When mom and I had the needlepoint shop, Kaffe was my muse, mentor, and guide for my needlepoint designs. I love his bold, and stand up and take a salute colors and designs.
    I am so very happy to see you are playing with craft/sewing. I am still in the doldrums with design, haven't pick up a needle/pen/needlepoint canvas for 12 years now. I would like to pick up my rug hooking/and design work again.
    Have a great creative week, BB.

  5. Lovely designs BB. They do remind me of the slightly psychedelic fabric designs of the late 60s and early 70s. I`m sure the girls will love them.

  6. A woman after my own heart BB. Find the right fabric and fit everything round it!

  7. Wonderful prints! I love the colors and the recipients should be thrilled with all of them. I like the retro look about them too.

  8. I think we're seeing a round of inspiration--blog friends visit and go away with renewed energy to work on their own crafts.
    I've been having rather an inner rant as to crafting--it seems to come down to making things is part of who I am, not just something I do. I visited the fabric shop you linked--very like several I have ordered from here. The quilt shop in WY didn't stock Amy Butler--as she designs for a a different manufacturer than the supplier we used most. Her designs intrigue me although they are very different from the fabrics I have.
    I trust you'll show us the cushion covers when they are finished.

  9. Glad you are feeling better BB, I think all this crafting we all do is to stave off winter, anyway I have also been inspired to start quilting again. There is a small patchwork shop in Whitby piled high with materials, the choice is difficult but your link widens the scope now. X

  10. I'm glad you all like my choices. Compared with what's on offer locally, they are gorgeous.

    Sorry AJ - you can just "window shop" you know . . .

    DW - That's why I was drawn to them I expect!

    WG - But alas, I am still not allowed to paint our bedroom deep violet or purple!

    SH - I'm sewing the girls' ones first. My material is still in the bag, waiting . . .

    MM - I hadn't thought of the shops tending to stock one manufacturer rather than another. With the Amy Butler prints, I have only found her entire range listed in the States and not here, but I probably need to look a bit harder in the UK. It would be nice to think I was passing on inspiration to others.

    Photos of finished cushion covers in due course.