Sunday, 1 January 2012


I had time to think today . . . mostly when I was baking, trying to keep a flow of baked goods going into the oven and coming out ready to feed us for the week. In the name of frugality, I never put the oven on for just ONE thing any more.

Anyway, first of all I was thinking of a New Year's Resolution that I read in today's paper, where someone (whose name is already forgotten) resolved to learn a new word each day, to broaden his vocabulary and keep words alive. I loved that idea, and my word for today is dossil. That is probably extinct in usage now as it was "a plug, a spigot, a roll of cloth used for wiping down an engraved plate in printing; a pledget of lint for cleaning out a wound." Note to self, now look up pledget . . .

Do you remember A River of Stones from last January? I thought I would revisit it and join in again for this January. Whilst I was washing up, I looked across the yard and noticed:

As dusk falls in the yard, drowned cherry logs glow amber.

As I fed the outside cats their teatime meal:

A robin challenges the dusk with his song and,
Head cocked, awaits the reply.


  1. ?

    There is nothing to gladden the heart like the song of a robin this time of the year, is there?

    I find the trouble with learning a new word every day is that unless you actually use if constantly in conversation you soon forget it. Can't see how you can keep using dossil!

  2. You're right there, but it appealed to me, and if nothing else, is the only word I know that rhymes with fossil!!! I may take up Scrabble again : )

  3. This sounds nice and positive:)

  4. Your " Rivers of Stones" for the day are perfect evocations of quiet moments in a winter`s day. A good way to begin another year, which I truly hope will be a better one for you and your family.

  5. Beautiful photos, BB.
    I really don't make resolutions, my brain span is about as long as a inch worm, but I am going to try to not worry so about things going on in the world and in my country, I will try to just "do" each day, and hope for the best, but plan for the worst.
    A wonderful New Year, I wish upon you and your home, and may the gates open and flood you with your hopes and dreams.

  6. The moss covered trees are so like those I took photographs of this week where I live in Brittany. I think they have an almost prehistoric look about them.