Monday, 30 January 2012

Still poorly

I thought I was getting better, as my temperature had subsided, but now I find myself with the first Chest Infection of 2012. . . I took myself off to the Doc's this morning before it really got a hold, but won't get the A/Bs until tonight, when my OH goes in to town to collect D from work.

Or leastways, I hope he will be doing that as it's just started snowing. It's too wet to lay right now, but if it starts to freeze later then things may change. This of course coincides with getting so low on heating oil we can't have the heating on and believe me, 11 degrees is COLD. So we have all decamped to the sitting room and the wood burner - the cats too have migrated like Gnus across the Serengeti! Who can blame them?

As I drove out of the Doctor's car park, I thought - as I often do - of the Roman road which crosses the surgery grounds and as I waited to turn onto the road, the line of the Roman road stretched ahead of me, disguised as a gravelled farm track. I bet those Roman legionaries cursed the Welsh winter and missed the civilization of hypocaust central heating and locally-procured olives and fruit back home. (Well, those from the Med, anyway).


  1. Sending healing your way, its the pits feeling rough.
    I wonder if the Roman Legions can be seen on a full moon, marching in the cold. I am sure that they did curse the gods for the cold.
    Gell well, my dear.

  2. Oh poor you, being poorly is bad enough, but being cold is really grim.
    I hope you don't get snowed in (it's wet snow and not settling here in Glastonbury).
    I bet you are glad you have the woodburner, sounds very snug.
    Interesting what you said about the Romans, they enjoyed a lot of "mod cons" back home, they must have felt they were really roughing it here in Britain.

  3. Sorry you're not well and that the snow holds off so you family can make it safely home. Maybe the Romans only sent soldiers who were use to difficult weather.

  4. Stay by that stove and keep warm. Love

  5. I bet those Romans just shrugged and got on with it the best they could as they huddled round the wood burning stove....

    I wish you layers.....many layers.And a hat!

    And an oil delivery!

    And antibiotics!

    Brace yourself for the next few days {according to the forecast}

    Take care you.

  6. I hope the snow hasn`t settled with you. It has thawed here but the air outside is still bone numbingly cold.

    I have been thinking of you and hoping you can get warm in lots of layers, and covered by cats and blankets.Do take care BB and I hope the ABs work VERY quickly this time.xx

  7. Thanks all.

    Al - Our local Romans had all the usual Roman imports to give them a flavour of home, and the Towy valley isn't too bad a place in winter, usually! But the lads in the fort at Llandeilo would have been able to see the fires of the "locals" at nearby Garn Goch. Fortunately the Demetae weren't as warlike as the Silurians in the Welsh valleys. (no money = no oil, sadly!) We should be able to afford it again as Spring arrives!

    Mac 'n' Janet - I think once you signed up with the Roman army, you went wherever they sent you for the next 25 years - I believe Hadrian's Wall was a pretty unpopular posting! They used to write home for warm socks!

    Weaver - Doing as I'm told.

    Kath - it's still wet snow here, and I hope it turns to rain as foretold. What we don't need is a clear night sky, although having said that at least D isn't in work tomorrow so we can just pull up the drawbridge. Can you imagine the delight of those soldiers who got to retire "back home" after their time here?

    Denim - bless you. I just tried posting on your blog but D's computer doesn't allow your comment pop-up ass it wouldn't let me comment. The Romans are said to be seen near Johnstown in Carmarthen, marching near a hillfort there.

  8. DW - I asked for Erythromycin straight away this time, as the Amoxylin just doesn't seem strong enough and I don't want the infection to get a hold like it did last year. V. cold out but I've kept in the warm with my books! Don't envy you feeding round tonight.

  9. Hugs Bovey sending you healing [don't want you poorly like last year]. Can I suggest making a scuttle full of French Onion and Garlic Soup - on each day you are unwell as it is natural antiseptic with the onions and garlic (must have both) when I am poorly I always make some of this and have it every day and it helps keep my temperature down and helps soothe a sore throat. Alternatively chicken soup (or Jewish penicillin as it is known). Try and keep off any milk products as it helps stop thick mucous forming in your chest. Please keep warm and take care and enjoy snuggling with the moglets.

    Take care



  10. Thanks Pattypan - your kind thoughts (everyone's in fact) really help. Will have to pass on soup with garlic in as OH would ban me to the spare room - he complains bitterly whenever I eat garlic! Chicken soup is a better option and I may have some for lunch in a moment. I eat lots of onions and garlic normally, so hopefully I have a little physical "stockpile"!

    I'm on the sofa again, having had a "wobbly" moment in town today when my OH had to resuce me with the car whilst I sat on a bench . . .

  11. "resuce" me should of course have been "rescue". Mind you, that was probably Freudian thought . . . I did feel like I needed rescusitating at the time!