Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What you see is what you get

That just about sums me up. I learned when I was 8 that telling fibs gets you nowhere, and no-one likes a liar. I am an Aries, and too honest for my own good - I always assume other people share my code of conduct - although it is obvious to me on meeting some folk what sort of person they are. They don't have to say a word. I just "know". I have to sit on my hands sometimes, as there are some topics I could get on my high horse about and I am a bit opinionated! Just don't ask me about wind farms, or mass immigration or the employment situation in the UK.

On the Internet though, things are more Shadows and Mirrors and people can assume totally different personas and there are some more dubious characters out there!!! I once belonged to a Family History site where one chap started having an argument with another and boy, were they vitriolic! Then someone twigged it was one and the same person and pulled the rug out from under him/them! There's nowt as queer as folk . . .

But then, having said that, I have met people on the intertnet who have become the dearest - and lifelong - friends. You begin chatting and just "know" that you are on the same wavelength. These friends are like sisters to me - the sisters I had but never knew as they didn't survive birth/very early infancy. Some acquaintances fade out of your life - friends are for a reason, a season or life, so says the old saying. But sometimes others come back into your life and the chance to develop the friendship further is given.

There are many blogging-friends I would love to meet, and know we would get on like a house-on-fire. Others are a source of inspiration - especially where crafting is concerned. It gives an opportunity for different areas of your creative personality to shine - my drawing "skills" are having a work-out right nowand I even tried my hand at a small watercolour the other day. It was going well till I found the "white" was more pale pink!

I have to say, with my limited internet access at the moment, I feel quite lost without my friends to chat to when I feel the need. I am nailed to the sofa again today as I slept very badly last night - worrying that the alarm wasn't going to go off (our son had to be in work for 8 a.m.) Now I feel like I ran a marathon instead of sleeping last night!

I shall be glad to be able to use my photos on here again too . . .


  1. So true my dear. You know well my experiences of meeting on line 'friends', and yes a Sister or two found along the way :D Sorry to hear you lost young siblings.

    As for the painting, there is no white better than the white of the paper. It's bests to start pale and get darker with watercolours and it's the reverse for acrylics and oils. Have fun.x

  2. Itn't it funny how we meet people who live around us, and we meet and thats the last time too.
    Then you get to blog land, meet people through the vast land of the ozone, and they become the best, though like you say, there is some who are an avatar or a shape shifter. You meet all, both live and in the ozone.
    I think that you are a peach of a person! I'm a crusty ol thing.
    We are all here for you, my friend.

  3. Everyone needs an occasional sofa day BB.


  4. "I am an Aries, and too honest for my own good". Me too. But when I try to keep my mouth shut people keep goading me until I can't. 'What? No comment? That's not like you. You MUST have an opinion.' etc etc.
    I'm sure you've suffered that way too.

    Take care. Sleep better tonight.

  5. The sofa day has been enjoyed Al - thank heavens I cooked yesterday and there are leftovers!

    AJ - no wonder we get on. I am a tad outspoken at times or I speak first and regret it later (Oh boy, I've had a couple of THOSE moments and still writhe in embarassment at the memory!)

    Denim - I wouldn't have called you crusty from how you come across to me on-line. You're living with a passel of fools about you - that would make me speak out too! You have a heart of gold and great empathy with those puss-cats you have and take in. Not many people step up to the mark like that.

    Yarrow - I left the river till last as I had no white! Hence big blank stripe down the middle and I need to put some bits of spray (etc) over the rocks. Hope you can visit this year.

  6. I think there must be "something in the air"--internationally as regards insomnia--I'm in a bout of it just now, but I dare not nap during the day as I'd wake up with no idea what day of the week I was in.
    While there are external factors that prevent good sleep I sometimes think this is prone to happening when my mind is so full of things I want to do--or need to do--that it doesn't go into 'sleep' or 'hibernate' mode. [I have those options for turning off my PC--I usually choose 'stand-by' which probably says something about my personality--Pisces, by the way.]

  7. I agree about the internet BB - I would be absolutely lost without my blog now and have met face to face with quite a few people I blog with. I think you are right - on the whole we seek out people who are on the same wavelength as ourselves. I have yet to be disappointed at a meeting - hope I never am. Would love to meet you one day - am sure we would get on like a house on fire.
    Hope you catch up on that lack of sleep tonight.

  8. Hugs Bovey;

    Hope the computer issues are sorted out soon; it drives me crackers when I cannot get online as even if I do not post I always read. Its also funny that you go years and years and not meet anyone who is on the same wave length and who you click with and then they come out of woodwork like all together and then you just have to keep in touch. Or as I prefer to call them "warts n all friends" the ones you can open up to and who love you for who you are not for what you could be and who don't bat an eyelid when you do or say something outraegeous and make a right plonker of yourself. Friends who just be there with you in the moment but for life. I too know when someone is not being honest "I clock them right from the start" and then wait for them to own up or hang themselves one or the other will happen and truth always outs.

    Take care friend you are just lovely as you are. Don't ever change



  9. I must admit that blog surfing is something special it takes you into other people's lives it becomes an enormous learning curve. I have loved your blog BB because you live in a part of the world I want to live in and we share the same nit-picking need to record history, And I don't want you to move anyway because then we wont be able to visit you! I know that is mean, and you do need to move. But your warmth and friendlyness shine through in your blogs. So retire to your sofa as much as you want....
    Thelma xx

  10. Thank you all. It's nice to be appreciated! I don't often mention archaeology, as I feel that many of the posts I have made in the past seemed to deter people making comments. When it's not something you know much about, there's not much you can say is there?!

    So instead, I witter on about the other things which interest me and interest a broader audience.

    Those of you I have met, we will meet again - Themla - I'm sure you could do a detour sometimes to the West Country! The way things are going, we shan't be leaving here in a rush!

    Pattypan and Weaver - you already feel like old friends and you are more than welcome to visit here, although I hope we shall travel further afield again once we have relocated.

    MM - the bed is made up here for you and J whenever you can visit. I DO hope that you will be able to come to the UK as there is SO much to show you. Meanwhile, I hope that you can get on top of the Insomnia.