Sunday 22 January 2012

Car Booty again

I didn't sleep well last night. We had had a viewing yesterday and last night I lay in bed worrying and fretting over how long it will take to sell the house and all sorts of associated problems. I was awake for about 4 hours and felt like death warmed up this morning, which made us late away to the boot sale. Anyway, it was still worthwhile as I got some John D Wood blue and white china in the "Yuan" pattern I collect - 6 cups and saucers, and 5 side plates for £3. I also found four books which came home with me - Henry Williamson's treatise on Richard Jefferies; Crafts from the Countryside by John L Jones, and best of all - one I'd wanted ever since I was doing my degree - The Settlements of the Celtic Saints in Wales by E G Bowen . . . I also got a craft book Decorating with Fabric Crafts, an American book which has some interesting ideas in it.

I also seem to have done a bit of Cosmic Ordering as my OH and I were discussing calling our builder (for advice) who specializes in restoring old houses and working with lime and other natural ecological substances such as hemp etc. We got back from the car boot sale, and blow me down, but he was out in our top field, metal detecting! Apart from meeting up in Tesco's in the run up to Christmas, we hadn't seen him for years . . . We had a lovely chat (all afternoon!) and got worries sorted out. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

I'm still on D's laptop . . .


  1. Aha! Your comment box has allowed me in!
    House showings are rather dreadful [this from one who hosted rather too many of them for a few yesrs] One scrambles to make the place present its best face, idles nervously while viewers tromp through, then there's the waiting--hopeful at first, thought not unmixed with anxiety. We found if there wasn't an offer tendered within a week there wasn't likely to be one. The days go by and one settles back into that apathetic state of 'house for sale'---but when?
    I think the car-boot sale was probably good therapy---more treasures to eventually pack!

  2. MM - I'm on D's laptop and he's on Chrome now so I will have to change to that when I get my monitor back.

    Lovely to have you back! And yes, more junk to pack when we DO sell . . .

  3. You did well at the car boot sale - now you have books illustrated by A R Quinton to look out for as well:) At least you've had a viewing - that's a step forward.I do hope it leads to a sale but if not it will soon be Spring and people will be starting to look at houses again.

  4. I do hope you sleep well tonight BB. I am also a bad sleeper if I have something on my mind. House selling is such a stressful time - do hope all goes well. Am I the only person who has never been to a Car Boot Sale? One reason I don't go is that I have so much stuff and I don't want to be tempted to buy any more.

  5. Good luck with the house sale - it must be horribly stressful :( I think you need a visit to Proper Job as therapy. You can always find books and china treasure!

  6. Anxieties always seem so much worse in the early hours don`t they? Let`s hope that this will be the Spring when someone falls in love with your house and is able to move. That person is Out There Somewhere!

  7. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    A good night's sleep then last night was dreadful and I feel like a pile of you know what this morning!