Monday 25 October 2021

Making the most of the sunshine


Our copper beech has lost its beautiful burgundy hue and is now turning brown, as is the ordinary beech over our big pond.  We will get a bit more view back when the leaves have dropped.

We had sunshine today, and it was too good to waste, so I did the circular walk through the woods, across the fields to the church, and back along the lane.

Half way round.  I'll be back with some more photos tomorrow.  The new header was taken just a little further on.  I used the Panorama shot - should have used it here where there was less grass and more view.

Sorry for the lack of words - I always run out of oomph in the evening.  Need to sit down with my x-stitch now.


  1. I almost didn't post tonight or visit anyone, then I told myself just do it and then I can have a nice hot soak and get rid of the aches the colder weather brings me.

    I love the area you live in, so green still and the views are magnificent.

    God bless.

  2. Oooh, a long soak in the bath. We have had to just have showers since arriving here as the bath is old, cast iron and with a surface like sandpaper. Hopefully, fingers x'd the plumber should be here by next week and our new bathroom will finally be fitted.

    It is always green here (due to the rain!!). The views are pretty special. I shall take a panorama view that isn't so much in the distance next time.