Tuesday 26 October 2021

Walking and sewing therapy

 I am in need of both at the moment, with various worries in the background.  Still, we must count our blessings as there is always someone worse off, and indeed on one of my Facebook groups today someone reported in (from America) and in the past two or three years has lost a baby, had diagnosis and operations for 3 separate cancers, and also has 3 auto-immune diseases. Then a stroke.  My heart goes out to her and her family and I pray that she will make a full recovery.  She is such a lovely lady, with a young family.  No-one deserves to be played this hand of cards in life.

Anyway, today I got the grocery shopping done.  Keith came along for the ride and we had a short walk beside the Lake at Llandod.  Everywhere seems busy because it's half-term.  On my walk yesterday I met a couple of cyclists (struggling up these hills!), someone walking the dog, and several groups of walkers - one (locals I think) coming the other way on the footpath through the woods towards the church.

Here's a really splendid oak tree in the field beside the track.

Looking back up the valley - this white farm has our water Reservoir on its land. Tam and I did a walk that way back in the early summer - whilst the nettles along one track were just ankle high.  No point going after that or you'd be waist-deep in them!

The Quarry, which we can see very well from our bathroom window!  It's all lit up at night and they seem to start work around 5 a.m. as I have seen orange vehicle lights moving about at that hour.

I think this may be an Ivory Funnel Fungi  (Leucopacillus giganticus) - although this one wasn't huge.  More likely it's the Peppery Milkcap Lactifluus piperatus).  It's been a long time since I've found any Milkcaps - Fungi was a bit thin on the ground on my walks in Carmarthenshire.

These clouds were stacking up just as I got close to home.  It waited to rain when I was indoors.

I slept badly again last night, so haven't done much today.  I managed some x-stitch whilst I was watching Escape to the Country - a couple with a million pounds who fell in love with the first house they saw (in Derbyshire) and went on to buy it.  I think they had been looking quite some time and then hey-ho, they found the perfect house.

Here's a lovely old boy who has moved into the area.  A Lippizaner (his brand can be faintly seen on his hind leg where it joins the quarters - his growing winter coat has masked it), and quite dippy-backed now. Such a sweetheart.

As I mentioned, I am finding the x-stitch good therapy for worries at the moment.  It gives me something to look forward to as well and that's no bad thing.  Not much else to look forward to apart from having our new bathroom finally installed and being able to have a bath again.  Which reminds me, I need to find and order some bathroom wallpaper pronto . . .


  1. Your friend has had more to deal with than most, and indeed no one should have to bear so much.
    Walking through nettles, oh how they find their way through! Best to avoid them, as you did.

  2. Acquaintance rather than friend, but my heart goes out to her. Poor lady. Her husband is holding it all together, bless him. My personal troubles pale into insignificance, though they matter a lot to us right now. You too my dear, big hugs and keep strong. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Oh, the scenery!!! It just stretches on forever doesn't it?

  4. I am glad that you find that cross stitch helps and gives you something to look forward to. Ouch on the nettles.

    God bless.

  5. I do envy your many choices of walking routes. From the photos it appears your landscape is still very green--leaves are turning here now and as J. remarked a spell of rain and wind would bare the branches. The burdens and concerns for families and friends weigh heavily these days and we need such cheerful little distractions as we can muster. Sewing is definitely good therapy--and books are a lovely diversion. We binge-watched older episodes of Escape to the Country last winter--the only way I shall ever visit England and Wales.