Thursday 11 April 2024

A day to sleep


I didn't have a good start to the day yesterday, as I cleaned my teefs too enthusiastically and the peppermint taste hit the back of my mouth and then made me sick.  I don't know why it is but me and peppermint don't get along.  

I still didn't feel right - this "little bit of a cold" and worries, kept me awake half the night and then after seeing to Keith, I had to lie down on the sofa where I fell into a really deep sleep for an hour.  Same after lunch too.  By teatime I had rallied a bit.  I didn't need to cook as Emma did us a stir fry which was gorgeous and MUCH better than my stir-fries (different sauce for starters, and she cooked the chicken breast in a tasty different sauce).  Then when Keith was all tucked up (following a visit from the D. Nurse to attend to his needs), we sat and shared a bottle of wine and watched Pride and Prejudice which was just what the Dr ordered, and I slept really well after that.

This morning we need to set up the Sky Q box so Keith can get Sky on his tv and then we can watch the racing from the Aintree meeting over the next few days.  

It is currently NOT raining (though skies threaten more) so I may even get an hour or so out in the garden and greenhouse today.  I have SO many seeds to get started off, mainly flowers.  

That little wretch Pippi has just come back in the house with a dieing just-fledged Thrush.  I am very cross with her and she is housebound now for quite a while.,  Don't mind her catching meeces and voles, but bird are out of bounds.

Right, I need to go and sort Keith out as he wants a shower.


  1. Your body playing catch-up after all the hospital commuting xx

  2. Just what Emma said. I know last Thursday it felt like I had been flung against a brick wall at 90 mph!

  3. Oh, I would be cross with Pippi too. Especially as it was a song Thrush. I know it's in the nature, but even so, it's very upsetting for us.
    You need to go easy on yourself. We don't want you coming down with anything.
    I have a serious problem with peppermint. I had a mishap with some peppermint essential oil. There was a bottle malfunction and more drops came out than was safe. I spent all of that night unable to sleep with an elevated heart rate because that's one of the contraindications of peppermint oil. Ever since then, I have to be very careful with peppermint. People don't realise just because something is natural doesn't mean it's 100 per cent safe.

  4. That’s good to hear. I’m sure you, like me, are uplifted by the trees and wildflowers (could your photo show prunus avium and primula veris - brushing up my Latin as I’m reading Richard Mabey’s Flora Britannica Spring Flowers) doing their thing despite the weather and everything else going on in the world. P&P and a bottle of wine sounds like it did you good. I am still ‘off’ wine which is no hardship as I’m out and about so much in the evening nowadays (bell ringing tonight, planning a fun evening in June to raise money to repair the churchyard wall, going to see Wicked Little Letters and the Frederick Ashton ballet on the other three nights this week) and wine always makes me sleepy and I never drink and drive. We’re having a productive morning ‘mucking out’ our study/S’s office room now we have sold our publishing company. It feels liberating. I’m going to paint the walls (it’s the only room that hasn’t been decorated since moving) and make a smart Roman blind to replace the current inherited one. Our computer guy is coming down to take away the desktop and massive hard drive that lives beneath the desk and we’re talking about buying a piano. Hope you get some garden time today. Another couple of days to dry out the soil and I will be getting going too. The asparagus is growing like Topsy and I’m picking every day. It loves these warm wet conditions. Sarah x

  5. Just been reading back through some posts I've missed. Apologies if I've mentioned this before , you may find them useful for Keith at various times........when you get a moment (!) Google jelly drops, they are very useful as a hydration aide, in particular for those with no appetite and or some degree of swallowing difficulty. Sorry if your health advisors have already told you about them.......
    Thinking about you x
    Alison in Wales x

  6. I am glad that you're finding a bit of peace in your days again. Well...except for Pippi.

  7. I have exactly the same reaction when brushing my teeth with certain toothpastes. Hopefully you got out in the garden and pottered. Its glorious here after being so wet and we managed to mow the lawns and I did the front edges. Also had a batch cooking session, making fish pies for OH, YS fish pie mix, added some prawns and hard boiled eggs, also made macaroni cheese for me, he's not keen. Done the ironing, could do with hoovering but it will still be there tomorrow. Take care, hope Keith continues to improve. Hugs Xx

  8. It must be lovely to have some prepare a good meal for you. You work so hard! And so good you had a deep sleep nap or two. You need your strength rebuilt.
    Hope you get some gardening time, I know you enjoy that so much.

  9. Wonderful to hear you're feeling better rested. May good sleep continue!

  10. I hope you manage to get lots of sleep over the next while in order to make up for all you lost. Nice that you had a meal prepared for you.

    God bless.

  11. A belated happy birthday. I hope you feel better after the sleep but I bet you need more. Seeds are screaming at me to be planted too.