Friday 19 April 2024

An afternoon out

 A very kind local friend suggested she took me out for tea and cake locally.  Emma covered for me, and off I went and C and I talked the hind leg off a donkey at a little cafe by the River Wye.  We watched wild birds at the feeders (which needed topping up).  3 Siskins, a Nuthatch, a Great Tit, a Goldfinch, a Blackbird and a couple of Robins.  They were a joy to watch.  We hadn't seen one another for a while (I seem to have been poorly/busy for nearly two months now) so had a good catch up.  I came home relaxed and feeling like I had had a real treat.  We even came home the back road route, and it was lovely to see the countryside coming to life in the spring sunshine.

I came home to find that "I" had been inventive in my absence, and that Pippi was dressed up to go to the Ball!  Emma had cooked tea for me too, and I enjoyed a Pepper and Mascarpone bake, with peas and chips.  Tastes all the better when you haven't had to cook it!

Of course, I couldn't sleep in the night, for worrying about whether Danny negotiated the country roads and then the busy motorway to Bristol safely, and was awake 3 hours as per usual, so I came down and worked on the curtain blocks and had a good idea after laying them out on the old curtain - two really big ones would cover a window, with a border, so I have added two more strips on all sides.  They are looking colourful and no-one is really going to look at them.  They are for privacy.

Emma and I have managed better than we thought without Danny, though of course we aren't taking Keith to the bathroom or trying to give him a shower.  He did however, manage to walk his usual length of the hall rails this morning, and has been out of bed a couple of times.  

We will get a walk in tomorrow.  Hope it's sunny again, and then I can get on out in the garden too.  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a lovely outing. I am glad that you got to visit with your friend.

    God bless.

  2. It brings me joy to know you've had this delightful outing and a time to relax in the company of a friend. Dressing up cats reminds me of when I was a girl and found some lovely vintage lace 'collars' in Grampa Mac's attic--relics from my Grandmother's childhood as I later realized from old photos. At any rate, I tucked them around my favorite cats for 'shawls' and created 'bonnets' from found bird's nests complete with chicken feather plumes.
    Children were inventive back in my day and it is great that "I" is able to amuse herself. And apparently Pippi didn't mind!

  3. A lovely outing and a dressed up Pippi when you came home, family are a great help as are friends.

  4. Emma sounds really thoughtful and kind.

  5. How nice of your friend to take you out for a treat, good friends are a godsend when you're battling trials and tribulations. Our house is now on the market and we have already had an offer, not quite enough unfortunately but we will get there. I've had a massive drawer and cupboard sort out in one room and been to the tip and the tip charity shop. Lots more to go. Hugs Xx

  6. What a lovely day out for you...and Pippi got to go to a ball!