Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bees in my Borage . . .

That sounds like the title of a book doesn't it? As I was working in the garden yesterday, I took time off to watch the bees and other insects visiting the bed in the stable yard, which is a mass of Nasturtiums and Borage, with pockets of Nicotiana. The bees love it there and I finally managed to get one at the right angle to include it in a photo. I have been clearing the snowberries around the wildlife pond, as they had overshadowed it so completely that you could hardly tell there was a pond there any more. It looks a bit bare at the back now but it will grow back.

We have finished painting the front of the old cart shed now, and it looks so much tidier. Of course, the fresh paintwork shows up the ancient falling-to-bits door, so OH set to this afternoon and soon had a prototype knocked up out of old scaffolding planks. He will recycle the hinges etc from the old door.

And of course there were one or two cats out sunbathing and keeping an eye on things. Gypsy:

And Lucy:

My no-knead bread has been a brilliant success. I only used a small amount of dough to try it out (from recipe on a forum I belong to), but now I shall try a much bigger loaf, which should expand better in my Le Creuset oval casserole dish so I will end up with a less-flat loaf. . .


  1. Great photo of LUcy:) The cart shed looks good, it will look even better with its new door - well done Keith! Lucky you having all that borage, I've never been able to get it going here. I have to say that the only words to describe my garden atm are 'dull' and 'scruffy'!

  2. Better than ants in your pants I guess LOL
    I have to empathise about the Snowberry. Our nieghbour has one right up against out fence. It invades our broder and even the lawn. We have dug out all the suckers on several occasions, but it's very persistant!

  3. It is all looking lovely, surely you should have no problems selling the house x

  4. How inventive of your DH to make a new door out of scaffolding planks. I bet that door will last a long time as well.

    The cartshed looks great with a caot of paint.

  5. Wow, your garden is looking stunningly inviting and it's good to see the cats enjoying the sun :)
    Your house looks so beautiful I'm sure someone will snap it up sooner rather than later. I love the little range in the flat, it looks beautiful. I wish I could visit again, but it's looking less hopeful at the moment.
    Thinking of your ratatouille is quite a lure though, so who knows :)