Sunday 4 July 2010

Galloping through the days . . .

I seem to spend all my waking hours trying to get everything in the house as I want it in my mind's eye, with the junk outside rather than in. Mama cat has taken her kittens on walkabout (back to the farm buildings I suspect) so I took advantage of this yesterday and began clearing out the old poultry shed where the cats had been. I made quite a bit of space, and was able to take the least valuable junk from the back room where it had been languishing. Half way through the afternoon I stopped to very quickly re-cover (temporarily) two walnut balloon back chairs we had bought for a fiver at auction a few years back. Since the balloon backs in the Morning Room cum Dining Room have no seats (awaiting restoration), I decided the room would look very much better if we had chairs with seats. OH is mending the seatless wonders now, and I set to with a roll of woollen material we'd been given and a stapler, and in 40 mins I had put new covers on the chairs. Not brilliant, and only temporary, but when they are under the able you don't notice . . . It wouldn't do to sit on one of them though, as it is missing the bottom 1/4 of its leg (another job for OH to fit in). My last upholstery sessions were "helped" by darling Snowy, who liked to be in the middle of whatever I was doing.

I hardened my heart and have put out 2/3 of my wool stash for the charity shop (stuff I know I will probably never use anyway), and half of my material stash. It was quite liberating. The lady at the charity shop will be happy when we turn up tomorrow!

I bought a yellow Potentilla for the new bit of paddock garden today, and that is planted and rained on, so hopefully will soon be rooting happily.

I shall be SO glad when I can say we have FINISHED and it's just maintenance after that . . .

Before . . .

. . . and after.


  1. what a pretty chair, ballon backs are my favourite. I am just taking a break from boxing and packing...groan....

  2. Very pretty chair.

    Love your header picture and the first picture in this post.


  3. I too love the header and the first pic (where is it please?) How busy you are; puts me to shame. And I wish I could visit that charity shop, not that I need more fabric, but I do so love adding to my stash. Hope you are keeping well. A.

  4. My goodness. You just go LOOKING for work! Very pretty chair and a job well done.

  5. Just found your blog and been reading back some of the older posts. You've a very interesting blog and I'm glad I found it.

    The chairs look vastly improved. Love their style and bet they look good in situ.

  6. What an elegant chair that is and what a difference you have made to it!

    I would love to visit that charity shop too. It was brave of you to sort out your stash but are you SURE you want to get rid of half of it? Think of those winter evenings in your Devon cottage.....

  7. Ah, I am trying to be SENSIBLE for once. Less to pack, and all that - WHEN it comes to pass that is! I may just recover that burnt orange material from the charity pile though . . .

    WSC - It's Brough Castle and there will be a log post to follow . . .

    Kath - have you offered on a place then?