Monday, 5 July 2010

Running on empty

This is my Albertine rose up the front of the house. I think it was the first rose I planted when we got here.

Well, I have spent yet another day doing all the things I thought were going to be left until we were moving - e.g. the grand chuck-out. Having done 2/3 of the junk room, I thought I would do a little finishing-off painting in the "back place" (a sort of utility extension in 2 halves, where the freezer, spare fridge, and various junk live. The washing machine lived there too until the water froze last winter . . . I have consolidated all that was on two sets of manky shelving into one, but I'm not strong enough to help Keith lift the shelving out (chipboard and like blardy lead to lift). That will have to wait until Danny comes home tomorrow from Denmark. There is now a very big pile of rubbish outside, but that will be going to the tip . . . There's also a gigantic pile of charity shop stuff at the back of the hall, from the other junk room, which will also go tomorrow . . .

I didn't get to bed until nearly midnight last night, and then woke at 4.15 a.m. and couldn't sleep again. I shall sleep well tonight, I don't doubt. I am absolutely running on empty but keep telling myself that when you think you can't move another inch, that is when you have physically and endurance-wise have another 3/4 still left in the tank . . .

Above is my newly dug-over and recently planted-up bed beside the herb bed. I have a little wigwam of beautiful purple and deep blue sweet peas. I will pick a fresh bunch for the house tomorrow - I arranged some last week in a little dark blue and white jug, with a deep purple clematis flower and they looked lovely.

I've picked the 2nd and final lot of gooseberries from the young bushes in the paddock intake area - about 4 lbs or so, which isn't bad for young bushes. I am going to freeze them and then make Gooseberry Wine later on, when I'm not so busy. The Blackcurrants have fruited mightily as well - I've had one picking so far, but have LOTS more to deal with. When we were in Hampshire last month, we found a sensibly-priced Rumtopf jar in a charity shop, so I am going to use some of my soft fruit to make Rumtopf for Christmas . . .


  1. Ah! Albertine and gooseberries - I could have written that. As I write Albertine knocks against the landing window - she is almost my favourite rose (Gertrude Jekyll is my favourite) and everywhere I have lived I have immediately bought her again.
    Gooseberries - we have stones of the things - I shall freeze most of them but leave enough for a gooseberry tart.

  2. Hmm, WoG, favourite roses - one has to be my Paul's Himalayan Musk, which I will grow in every garden I ever have. I still have a soft spot for the old-fashioned deepest red, Ena Harkness, which my mum had in her garden. I love my Constance Spry too, who climbs up gloriously through an apple tree . . .

  3. Ah homemade gooseberry wine, it sounds delicious.

  4. Gooseberries and black currants, not a part of our harvest here. I love Blackcurrant jam!

  5. Oh, those gooseberries...a lovely still life!