Wednesday 28 July 2010

Goodrich Castle and Wading through Treacle . . .

Traveller's Joy (wild clematis) and the first blackberries.

That's how it feels here at present. I spent the entire morning doing housework (loath it!), including deep-cleaning several rooms, to get the house in apple-pie order in case we got any viewings from the house having a write-up in the local paper. OH came home with the paper and - no such write-up . . . We were told it was in this week. Getting mighty fed up with the useless agent now. Have asked bod dealing with our sale to let us know when this will come to pass and also the adverts in various magazines and a Sunday broadsheet which were supposedly going to happen to justify their extra half a per cent . . . I am now convinced we have just signed up for 3 completely wasted months and should have gone with an English agent to start with . . .

Anyway, here are a few pictures taken when we visited Goodrich Castle after house-hunting on Monday.

Here in peaceful rural Herefordshire, an absolute SEA of plastic polytunnels - presumably for soft fruit. Now you understand why hordes of people are imported from Europe to work in them . . .

The Keep which predates the rest of the castle by about 100 years, as it is Norman. You can just see the Norman zig-zag work around the window.

This niche was in the Chapel and presumably housed a small statue at one time.

A stunning stained glass window in the Chapel.

We climbed up and up and were rewarded with some glorious views.

And looking up here, just made me plain DIZZY!

A Feast indeed . . .

The outline of the stables can still be seen in the turf.


  1. Real estate agents can be a maddening lot. We have generally had good dealings with them, although you may remember my rage when our listing agent showed up an hour early with a viewer!
    My house-keeping is never equal to that sort of surprise.
    I think the jaunt to the castle would be a sanity-saver of sorts. Sometimes on has to simply walk out for a few hours.

  2. I enjoyed your walk through Goodrich castle and admiring the stained glass windows -- but where was the Treacle? I have memories of this gorgeously sweet, sticky stuff, especially treacle tart but couldn't see the connection here. What am I missing?

  3. MM - the castle came before the housework! At least I had the memories to dwell on . . . My housekeeping is never of the pristine sort normally either - too busy juggling everything else I have to do. Sorry, but turning up an hour EARLY to view is the height of bad manners in my book.

    Chris J - the wading through treacle bit is what the housework felt like yesterday morning as it was the 2nd day of thorough cleaning, and a girl can go off these things you know . . . especially when the garden calls.

  4. We've had that experience with Agents too.

    It was only when we told him that we were putting the house with other Agents that he suddenly started producing buyers.