Friday 23 July 2010

Just dreaming . . .

Golden dreams . . .

We had a day out yesterday, travelling eastwards this time to go househunting along the Welsh Marches. It was an interesting day, in that houses can be totally different to what you expected! HUGE rooms and lots of light are great, but without that "atmosphere", count for nothing . . . And an otherwise ideal house inside and out, also a non-starter when it is on a rat run for quarry lorries . . . What was an excellent house (to me), felt "hemmed in" to OH (oh, and I did LOVE the kitchen too . . .) But there was another, which despite some BIG no-no's which we thought we would never compromise on . . . Hmmm. Off to think in a darkened room!

We had lunch at a dear friend's house and I would like to share some photos of her clever horses, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent!

First you pick it up . . .

. . . and then you turn . . .

. . . and bring it back to the Boss. Aren't I clever?!!

And here is my understudy . . . Whoops - it's not meant to do that!

Here you are then . . .

Here is someone whose speciality is NOT hoops . . . he is very good giving rides to little girls and encouraging them to be horse-mad for life . . . and just being beautiful.

Supper was a visit to the chippy which let me off the hook nicely!


  1. Hope you find the right house - I am sure you will - one day it will just hit you that you have found it.
    Lovely horsey pictures - and I am all in favour of a visit to the chippy - made my mouth water.

  2. Hmmm, remember the joys of house hunting myself. Its difficult when you are making long journeys (we moved to Angelsey -100 miles) so many trips are a complete waste of time because of pylons, roads etc that get left out the estate agents details.

    We took to scanning google maps and the Birdseye thingy before we booked visits.

    Great palomino horse. Love the hoop trick.

  3. Isn't it hard to find a house that ticks all your boxes...

  4. You will find the right house for you both, and you will know it, but it takes time, google street view is great but nothing beats being there. good luck and keep searching.