Friday, 30 July 2010

A Day Out In Ludlow

The Feathers in Ludlow.

We went back to look at a house we have fallen in love with for a 2nd time yesterday. The house and garden were even more perfect 2nd time round.I just hope and pray we can sell quickly here, but with this nincompoop of an agent, I'm not holding my breath . . .

I shall just have to carry on as normal, hoping against hope that a) we will eventually have people viewing here, and b) someone will want to buy it, and that c) the house we love is still available.

Anyway, then we drove up to Ludlow and spent a happy two hours there, exploring the streets and visiting the parish church of St Laurence, which is like a small cathedral, and has the most amazing misericords with Medieval carvings so crisply executed - obviously the work of a very skilled artisan. OH and G climbed the 200+ steps up the tower whilst D and decided to have a look around the shops. It's a good town for Charity Shops! And a brilliant cheese shop (Mousetrap) where we bought various local cheeses for lunch and supper.

One of Ludlow's busy streets.

Two Green Men! They turn up everywhere . . .

I think this is meant to be a Gryphon, although of course, this close to the Welsh border, he could be a DRAGON!

Here is a mermaid. You may think she is a long way from the sea, here in Ludlow, but she was chosen because she represented temptation - she was inttent o luring men from the path of salvation, with her mirror and comb. She is flanked by two dolphins.

I often wonder if they were carving likenesses of people they knew - or even a self-portrait on occasion?

Here is the Good Wife in her kitchen, with sides of bacon in the larder and a kettle on the hearth.

Do you think it was his mother-in-law?!!!

Misericord with stag at bay and two hounds.

You can see why I declined to climb the tower . . .

Though the views from the top were amazing. Below is Ludlow Castle.

Today I have wine-making planned (Sparkling Gooseberry), and I need to process the rest of the plums, which have hopefully survived a couple of days in the fridge . . . or else I shall have to turn them into chutney (or wine!)


  1. I can see the attraction of a lovely place like that...

  2. My caber is standing by.......

    These are some of the most beautiful misericords I've seen. Lovely photo's BB.


  3. Haven't been to Ludlow for years - lovely place to wander! We lived in Shrewsbury when we were first married, so have fond memories of that area.

    Hope you get some viewers for your house soon - is it advertised on the internet? A couple of our local agents have ditched their high-street shops in favour of an internet-only service, as they reckon people primarily search for houses on the web now - they have also lowered their fees as a result, so that's a good thing.

    Willow x

  4. Willow - yes, it's on the internet, and now I've taken some decent photos to replace some of their truly AWFUL ones, it shows the period side of it very well. Fingers crossed . . .

    Al - hopefully we won't need to call you in!

    jinksy - we enjoyed Ludlow so much yesterday, I want to go back again and explore a bit more.

  5. Love Ludlow, it has been years since we visited, so I enjoyed the photos. DOn't lose heart, our new house was snapped up and by the time we'd sold ours, the origional buyers had dropped out and there we were waiting in the wings, so to speak. Funny how it all works out. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. I lived quite close to Ludlow for years and it was one of my favourite places to visit. There is a lovely walk through the Mary Knoll Valley which starts and ends in Ludlow by the castle - it brought back lovely memories for me - thank you for that. Hope your house sells soon.

  7. Your travel posts are always so interesting--I like the whimsical aspect of some of those carvings--as in the whole piggies hanging in the larder.
    I wish I could make encouraging noises about the process of house showing and offers and closings, but I'm still too jaded by the events of the past several years.
    I can--and do--empathize with all the uncertainties and upheaval.

  8. I do so hope you sell yours and get this one you are after ...sounds as though its your dream house

  9. Dream house it is. So much I hardly dare think about it. As folk have said, if it is for us, it'll not go past us . . .

    MM - The afternoon in Ludlow was just SO relaxing after all the recent worries. If K and I survive this house-selling business without a divorce, I shall be truly amazed - the stresses of a totally incompetent agent are HUGE . . .

  10. I'll be hoping with you that you get the house and garden you wish for. It looks like a wonderful town and I hope you'll share more pictures of it.

  11. Hi - Alistair (above) and I have been having fun exchanging thoughts on Green Men on my blog recently and he pointed me to this excellent posts of your where you also have some interesting pictures of (little) green men! I thought you might be interested to see what we have been looking at here: I'm also sure, given the topic of your fascinating post, that you'll also be interested to read this one (I humbly submit!): Best wishes, SNB

  12. Ludlow would be a perfect "nearest town" for you BB. It`s a while since I visited so thank you for the photos. Fingers still firmly crossed that you will sell, in time to buy the house you have set your heart on!

  13. I always love your photos and your commentary on your travels! I truly hope this isn't as close as I'll get to actually being there...but it just might be, so you make it enjoyable!

    Here's hoping you sell your house soon so you can purchase your dream house!