Wednesday, 28 July 2010

THAT'S looking better!

Our neighbour was finally able to come and top the paddock for us last night, which is a huge relief as it looked so untidy and IF we ever get someone to view the house, at least the paddock no longer looks such a mess, though I shall miss the fringe of Umbellifers.

I edged another 6 feet of the semi-circular bed emcompassing the original herb bed (from 20 years back) and the new extension to it which is full of flowers. Some bought and some dug up from the main garden. The Teasles are there for the Goldfinches this winter . . .

My husband finished the new door for the old Cart Shed yesterday and it is now hung and looking smart, as does the Cart Shed now it is painted to match the house, though it looks much paler in the very early morning light.

As you can see, the paddock desperately needed cutting . . .

Looking across the newly-cut paddock this morning at the house.

One of two matching Fuschias I bought at the Car Boot Sale last weekend. Delta's Sarah they're called, and the photo doesn't do them justice, they are SUCH a pretty colour.

This is the lovely big Fuschia I went mad and bought a few weeks back. I've forgotten its name already, but it has settled in well and blooming prolifically. As I was digging up bits of rock in the flower bed extension, I chucked them around it and then just sprinkled some chippings over the top. It looks better than the grass and weeds that were there before.

Now we just need someone to come and fall in love . . .


  1. .... I'm smitten already ... tis beautiful! (Got my eye on that paddock for a couple of donkeys!)

    Hope you get lots of viewings and find the house of your dreams.

    Willow x

  2. Thanks Willow - we have 5 1/2 acres here altogether. Plenty of room for donkeys! Echo your comments about the viewers, and think we may just have found the latter already . . .

  3. You don't need lots of viewers - just the One. We had our smallholding on the market on Angelsey for three years and had plenty of viewers and offers but every one fell through. Finally it all came good and it was a perfect time to move as well.
    BUT we had umpteen carpet treaders and had to tell the agent not to send anyone round who wasn't serious.Too many dreamers kept coming round and putting us out. Believe me better to give those people a miss.

  4. Words of sound advice there sharie - we can do without the time-wasters. The house we're seeing again today has had its fair share of those - Londoners with impractical dreams . . .

  5. Your house and the garden is looking just lovely now BB. You have worked so hard and deserve someone to come along who will love the house as much as you do.

    I`m envious of your long, green grass (now topped). Ours is as parched as the desert after weeks without rain.

  6. Oh, it's all so lovely! I really like the one looking at the house across the meadow...