Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Making bread - trying new ways

UPDATE: 'Yer 'tis! The BEST loaf I've ever made! SO tasty and crusty and I could go and demolish it if I weren't going to bed . . . Took all day to rise and it didn't shoot up in the Le Creuset casserole as that's oval and not taller and round, but hey ho - it's BRILLIANT bread. I will do the method on Friday - we're off house-hunting again tomorrow.

I first learned to make bread 40 years ago, when I went to a demonstration at Eling Tide Mill in Southampton. I wouldn't say I am an artisan bread maker but my bread is tasty, and filling in a good way, from good ingredients, rather than being "heavy" - not like the supermarket bread which only fills you up if you eat half the loaf at a sitting and has nasties in it such as hydrogonated or fractionated fats! Mine has only 4 ingredients - bread flour, salt, a knob of butter and yeast, plus warm water. I usually use fresh yeast for preference, but dried yeast works just as well. Yesterday I made Pizza dough, and the resulting pizzas were scrummy - even if not the thin bakestone type!

I have recently been reading rave reviews for bread made with a much wetter no knead dough, which I am going off to try now, having watched two videos on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_kmSalsNgM&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG6aAj4Oloc

Here's one I made earlier and I was quite happy with that!!!


  1. Brilliant the video with the dog, and the bread looked good, even though he did'nt use bread flour. Have'nt got a dutch oven though, in any shape or form, my creuset is too small.

  2. Very adventurous BB - that loaf looks much better than anything I could buy in Tesco!

  3. Good for you trying out different recipes.

    I have a breadmaker which I wouldn't be without having weak hands for kneading bread.

    Did you know that shop bought bread has an anti fungal agent in it that is linked to cancers? Home made is a thousand times better and much more tasty.