Tuesday 21 December 2010

Christmas biscuits

Hmm - can't make my mind up which picture looks better. Anyway, these are the Christmas Jammy Stars I finally got around to making today. The dough has been in the fridge for two days waiting for me to catch my tail!

The filling is Wildings Crab Apple Jelly, using a beautiful wild apple (Jenny's apple tree, so very appropriate) which grows near to my dear friend's house in the New Forest. The apple is an "escapee" from the orchard of Jenny, no longer with us sadly, who used to live nearby. Both jelly and biscuits are scrummy. Recipe to follow.


  1. Just had a catch up ...that pear pie sounds so tastey ...quite fancy it with apple. Those biscuits sound amazing too.

    Isn't the light reflected from snow eirie. Last night I looked out the window at 1am and the sky looked blue, studded with fluffy clouds ...had to check the time with my glasses on as it looked more like dawn had broken.

  2. Your baking always sounds and looks so appealing.
    I sometimes want to try the recipes but don't think I could convert to US measure.
    I've been wanting to make ginger cookies--I might get at that tomorrow.

  3. I just love those starry biscuits - they go so well with our Monday Poetry Bus! Can't wait for the recipe.