Wednesday 8 December 2010


Grumpy mama Miffy.

My daughters have told me off because I am not blogging often enough about the kittens. They are a good 7 months old now - young cats rather than kittens of course - and gradually adapting to a dual life as part house cats (at night in this bitter weather) and mostly outside cats, but more than that, they are Foodies. They love to eat. It shows. Especially on Fatty (aka Jarvis) who is like a little barrel on legs (short ones at that!)

If I put food outside for Miffy (mama cat), they are there liked greased lightening, so I try and feed her now before and after they spend the night in the shower room. That way she gets a decent meal and she needs it more than they do, as she lives in the outbuildings of the farm. I hope she has found the barn, with its hay and straw, where Amber lives.

Mind you, they are good at Takeaways - as you will see from these photographs. Sometimes it's mum catching it, and they takeitaway. Or sometimes one of them has a lucky moment and the others try and grab the poor vole off the hunter.

I would like to say there was a happy outcome from these photos, but sadly for the vole, it got scoffed!

Anyway, our darling boys have wormed their way into our hearts and it is hard to imagine life without them. They are so easy going and MUCH easier than the rag and tag we have - Lucky/Lucy/Fluff are far too quick with their claws. I've never had cats who were like that until Lucky turned up and presented us with kittens, many years ago now. It's obviously something which is line bred through her.

Anyway, here are some pre-freeze photos of the boys hunting. Tippy was Doing Other Things Elsewhere by the look of things.

Now you've done it - it's gone under there . . .

Can you see it? Nope . . .

I'm sure I heard a rustle here in the leaves . . .

You take the front, I'll cover the back . . .

Have you got it?

I'm not interested in it now - it tastes yukky!

'Smine!! You can't have it!


  1. Oh funny! You've put just the right captions for the photos. Cats are endlessly fascinating ---and aggravating. These have obviously fallen on pleasant times.

  2. Oh poor vole! I always feel sorry for them. Our dogs are very good at catching them, I'm afraid.

  3. Love the hunting photos and comments - really made me smile:) I feel sure that Miffy will have found the barn, cats are pretty good at finding somewhere warm and comforatble.

  4. Pretty cats. I get broody over kittens and puppies

  5. The boys are no trouble at all. The inside cats have such individual characters and don't "gel" like the three brothers do. Whilst we weren't looking for any more additions, I am so glad they arrived . . .

  6. Always willing to stop and check out the kittenses!