Monday 27 December 2010

First it got even colder . . .

Looking upstream from the bridge, showing how the river (beginning to thaw in the picture) has been frozen right across.

. . . and then it began to thaw. I have woken up to rain this morning - big glorious ploppy spots of rain. We went out for a walk yesterday - up the valley and then down to the mill, where we had a lovely visit with our neighbours there. They have lived here longer than us and have NEVER seen the river as frozen as it was yesterday. Here are some photos to show how cold it's been - forget the silly "minus 3" they put on the weather maps - this was serious cold here - river frozen more than when we had minus 17 last January/February . . . In the house, we are managing, but getting out of bed into cold clothes takes some teeth-gritting! I have remembered an old trick from when I was growing up in a freezing house, and that was to put your clothes under the top layer of bedclothes, so they stayed warm . . .

This is upstream of the bridge too.

Looking across frozen fields - this was the best the sun could do, trying to break through the cloud layer.

The snow was "growing" with frost crystals.

Frozen from bank to bank down by the old mill.

Here a white slate of ice has been lifted by the rushing water beneath it.

The mid-stream boulders are crusted in ice. It has NEVER been this cold here in the last 30 years . . .


  1. These are great photos once again BB. You live in a very picturesque part of the country - and one the lovely G has been wanting to visit for many years. It's odd how nice it is to sit warm and snug in your kitchen and enjoy photo's of icy, snowy landscapes from other folk.

    So, pop out and take some more for me would you???


    stay warm as you can.

  2. Lovely photographs - yes those frost crystals have been magical haven't they? It is snowing here again now - maybe the magic is beginning to wear off, do you think?

  3. The snowy pictures are lovely, round here out in the countryside it is magical although it has started to melt today...hooray

  4. That is serious ice on the river BB!

    I love the photo of that wintery sun, trying to break through the cloud.

    I remember the trick of keeping tomorrow`s clothes tucked inside your bedclothes to keep them warm. I expect you have Jack Frost on the insides of the windows, as in childhood days......Stay warm.

  5. DW - yes, had that BEFORE the central heating went caput. Now we have steaming breath inside some rooms - deep joy!

    Goosey - I have officially Gone Off Snow . . .

    WoG - Praying that the weather they are currently having on the East Coast of the States isn't heading this way . . .

    Al - I'll see what I can manage! This IS a lovely area to holiday, and we have fabulous EMPTY miles of Blue Flag sandy beaches - even more empty right now!!!

  6. I like your photo of the frost crystals and the one with a bit of red foliage against all the grey and white.
    I've been feeling that we have many weeks ahead of posting chilly landscapes.