Friday 17 December 2010

More of the white stuff . . .

Looking out across the paddock:

And it came to pass . . . the prediction of more (and heavier) snow. We woke up to 7" or 8" this morning. Next Door's Landy can just make it down the hill so long as sideways is a permitted movement. OH fell over twice going down the hill, and myself once when we walked up to the junction to check the Llanfynydd road. I then fell over coming UP the hill and slid 6 feet on my undercarriage, feeling such a prat! J set off walking to the A40 to catch the bus which he hoped was still running (we kept checking). Amazingly he got a lift right into town (someone who had invested in snow chains). He has also lined up a bed for the night with a work colleague if it snows like the bejeebers again this afternoon and he gets stuck . . .

This is the heaviest fall of snow we have had in one lot. We don't often get snow before mid-March, and then it is an inch or so which melts within a couple of days and doesn't cause many problems. Of course, compared with the rest of the world, this amount of snow is nothing, but because we get it so rarely, people are always unprepared. Snow chains would be a good idea, but prices vary from £50 or so up to £140 - not an amount of money we have sitting doing nothing at present . . .

My husband is just digging our car out, just in case we are able to get out in the not too distant future, but he's spitting into the wind as it's just started snowing a bit again and more is predicted. We have the logistics of trying to get three of the into work tomorrow AND Sunday - in fact, right up to Christmas Eve. Then starting again on Boxing Day . . . Somehow I think a White Christmas is definitely on the cards this year.

Walking back up the hill towards our house.

Upstream along the river.

Across to the mynydd t'other side of the valley.

Crossing the bridge.

The lane down by the river.

Down by the mill.

A scene I'm sure every regular visitor to the blog is familiar with by now.

This is the more major lane where our little lane joins it.

Heading towards the A40.

Ducks with cold feet and bottoms . . .

Looking across the lane.


  1. Beautiful!But wheres "my" gate? :-D

  2. "Bejeebers"......classic. I haven't heard that in years.


    Stay safe. {and give the undercarriage a rub!}

  3. It looks so beautiful but is so difficult to live with! You really had a lot this time, so far ours has just been a dusting but the cold is awful, our road is a sheet of ice and so are the pavements. Thank goodness for grass verges! Once on the bus route roads it's been gritted so that's where everyone is walking. Take care on all that ice!

  4. I hears it was bad where you are ...hope you are fine. How beautiful it all is though ...until the melt.
    Have to say that those dates in your last post rekindled memories

  5. Kath - that involves a walk up the hill - something I am unwilling to do in case I meet the milk tanker coming DOWN!

    Al - I like to keep old words alive. The undercarriage isn't too bad but the shoulders are complaining . . .

    Rowan - glad you've not had too much. We are due more, and my friend in mid-Wales (near Newtown) says they've had around 10 inches so far, and more falling.

    Angie - It is absolutely lovely, but I can't enjoy it because of getting everyone to work and back.

  6. It looks very pretty, but difficult to live with, we have only had a dusting so far here in Milton Keynes, more is expected tomorrow x

  7. Beautiful. I told my husband while looking at your photos, "this is the way I like to enjoy snow, sitting in my warm home." It doesn't snow where I live in California.

  8. It does look beautiful, but oh, I do know the worry of getting people out onto the roads and into work, and then safely home again along treacherous roads.

    We are expecting some white stuff to arrive overnight. I have a cold so I`m not looking forward to trudging through freezing snow in the morning, with my wheelbarrow of hay. The joys of winter.......

  9. This is looking like the serious winters of New England with all the secondary dirt roads of town snow-covered.
    We have been amused this first winter in Kentucky to hear folks fretting about snow and "ahce" [ice!] and what a worry to drive on it. J. and I smirk at each other in a superior manner as we still have our Wyoming "snow tires" on the car!

  10. Its terribly beautiful all those photos, no snow here yet, just cold. Best of luck getting all your young ones back and forth. X

  11. I miss snow. And how pretty it looks in your part of the world! That's what winter should look like. Thanks for the beautiful images.