Thursday 9 December 2010

Some thaw!

It's supposed to be thawing, according to OH. The weather forecast says we are probably up to 8 deg. here outside in the day, and around freezing at night. Hmmm. Someone obviously left the Cothi Valley out of the equation because look at this - it has got VERY MUCH colder and the river is freezing over. OH and I walked down by the river just as it was getting dimpsey last night. We had already noticed it feeling colder up by the house, but as you walk down our hill, you can feel a considerable temperature drop and the river was noticably starting to cool as there were little rafts of ice coming downstream.

We walked down again this morning, to be greeted by these sights. Thaw - you have to be JOKING!

Even where the water is rougher, ice has formed at the edges and the water rushes beneath it.

View upstream from the bridge showing where the ice always forms first, by the rocks.

View from the bridge downstream. . .

The really telling picture, showing little ice floes coming downstream, and fetching up at the side of the river.

This is the little fast-flowing stream which joins the river here - already with huge chunks of ice forming over it.


  1. It certainly doesn't look much like a thaw to me! Here it is actually beginning to thaw but we have so much snow that it will take several very warm days to make much impression. The sooner it goes the better as far as I'm concerned. And hopefully no more before January!

  2. Just looking at those photos makes me shiver!

    We are promised a thaw too, but ice was still inches thick on the water troughs this evening and "earth is hard as iron".

  3. "Just as it was getting dimpsey"


  4. great icy photos- looks pretty frozen to me! Leanne x