Thursday 2 December 2010

Down by the river

I went for a walk down along the river with my husband yesterday, to get some exercise. We've had no further snow since last Friday, but it has been BITTERLY cold, as you can see from the river. Our eldest daughter and her boyfriend are currently stuck up in Sheffield, snowbound, so we hope they will get home tomorrow though trains are looking dodgy at the moment.

Still, this amount of freezing isn't a patch on last winter's, when only a narrow strip of river remained unfrozen and still moving . . .


  1. We've had snow every day since last Friday. No post though!


  2. Golly, look at that ice! Just a sprinkle of snow overnight, but not enough for the dogs to act the fool.

  3. Have been thinking of you. I seen the weather in Britian and Scotland and looks like what we get!
    Trying to send you warmth and thoughts to get you through.
    Remedy: Hot food! Tea, Scones

  4. We have snow and some ice, but not that much, it looks very pretty x

  5. Beautiful suggestions for embroidery in those photographs BB. We have about two feet of snow up here but today the roads have been cleared.

  6. Perhaps you are getting a winter's worth of white stuff all at once, and come January it'll be blue skies for you until Spring...?

  7. OOOH. Makes me feel cold just to look at it! Tea and scones sounds good but must come with lashings of cream.

  8. Beautiful icy river photos.

    It`s late at night here and I can here rain on the roof. On top of 4" snow?
    That bodes well for an icy morning if the temperature drops again.........

    Stay warm.